Charles Darwin's Theory Of Evolution By Natural Selection

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Darwin is considered by other people as the creator of Evolution. Darwin was not the only man to arrive at the theory of evolution. Darwin came to his theory of evolution at the same time as an another man who goes by the name of Alfred Russell Wallace came to the same conclusion. Wallace being relatively unknown was not respected for having the same conclusion because the fact that people were so apt to listen to the theory’s of Charles Darwin. After time Darwin published a book On the Origin of Species, and it was a big success: it’s first printing sold out immediately and a second printing sold out a month later. Darwin’s Theories found their way out of the scientific world and ...view middle of the document...

Competition or also can be known as the struggle for life, had been thought of for a reason that a given species might succeed in life of go extinct. Darwin's theory works like this: In any population there will be variations. Individuals bore with certain characteristics. I.e., strong legs, keen eyesight, good camouflage, will enjoy an advantage over their peers. If these individuals could pass on the same traits, their offspring will enjoy the same advantages. If the surrounding environment changes over time, it may come to change that new characteristics will take over and be better than the last ones. For instance, a new color that will make better camouflage. As environments change, the individuals with the new characteristic will do better, live longer, and produce more offspring until the population will look very different from its original version. If the population changes enough to satisfy some taxonomist, it will be classified as a new species. In other words, new species arise when the environment favors new characteristics over old ones. Another Example would be the example of giraffes: when a giraffe is born with a longer neck than its fellows it is able to reach more food from the tree. The longer neck Giraffe is therefore stronger, lives longer and most likely to have offspring. Theses offspring are born with the same long neck as the parent, though it could have a longer neck. The cycle then goes on and continues. This breaks it all back down to the five postulates, Individuals are variable, some variations are passed down, more offspring are produced that can survive, survival and reproduction are not random, and lastly the history of the earth is very long!
Just as some people refused to accept Darwin's theories at all, others were all too happy to accept his teachings, and exploit them. Another thing said about Darwin is about one of his most popular phrases “Survival of the fittest”. It is said today that he did not coin that phrase and that Herbert Spencer did. Darwin invented his theory of Natural Selection to explain the differences between species, but many of his equals including Spencer uses his ideas to promote Social Darwinism. Social Darwinism maintains that certain peoples are poorer than others are and most likely to be used as a slave laborer because they are less involved and therefore inferior.
Darwin’s theory consisted of two main points. The first being: diverse groups of animals evolve from one or fewer ancestors. The second being: The mechanism by which this evolution takes place is natural selection. Darwin’s theory on evolution or also known as his Darwinism’s can be broken down into five main parts: The first which is common descent is the belief that all present life evolved from a few common ancestors. With Common descent Darwin felt that all the diversity of life on earth emerged out of the evolution from one or a few common ancestors. This theory took a step beyond...

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