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Charter schools in New York, how effective are they to you!
Nakia Mines
DeVry University
Professor Hartman

The spread of charter schools in New York has been on the rise in the past couple of years. Charter schools are schools are financed by the public, but run independently through the educational system. There has been a lot of debate questioning the effectiveness of charter schools verses traditional public schools; who serves as the best interest for the students. Many prefer sending their children to charter schools instead of traditional public schools because of academic development. I say a child can receive the same education from both schools; it depends on how they ...view middle of the document...

The school days in the charter programs are longer, so they have more time to go over material and make them more acclimated with the school. Many have opposing views about charter schools. Charter schools were generated as an off set to educate special need children and low income struggling families. Most of these schools were put in low, poverty driven slum neighborhoods filled with Africa American and Hispanics. In the early 90s, those statistics were in fact found to be true. Some of these children were interested in receiving an education and the other half rather is in the streets. The charter school may have been affective in these areas, but in order to attend the school you had to be put on a lottery list first. Some children were on this waiting list for years; discouraging parents as well as kids, so they had no choice but to enroll in traditional public schools. “Charter schools provide a good academic curriculum, but does not provide structure or discipline to the students”. (Gabor, A 2014). In retrospect, more parents are being forced to enroll their child in traditional public schools because of the demands and stipulations set by the charter school making it hard. The charter program cut into the funding and budget of traditional public schools by taking money from activities, books and overall spendage; leaving the kids to suffer in the end.
State officials met at the Capitol to negotiate the state budget and funding between charter and traditional public schools. Mr. de Blasio expressed the certainty of charter schools being able to find and occupy space inside traditional public school buildings or pay much of the cost to house them in private space. (Kaplan, T and Hernandez, J 2014). The agreement made was called Budget Agreement and was for $138 billion, giving charter schools more money per student and grants. Teachers from the United Federation argued that this decision is at the expense of the students in traditional public schools. “They can’t be second-class citizens in their own school system.”(Kaplan, T and Hernande,J 2014). Traditional public schools may neglect some of the needs of students because classes are overcrowded and under staffed, but they have more activities and functions to keep them occupied and interested in school. (Raymond, M 2014). Children may be progressing in academic reform in charter schools, but lacks in diversity and social status when placed out in society. (Foster, A 2014). Allowing charter schools to occupy space in some traditional schools will not solve or help educate the children more. They need to create more classes and hire more teachers with that budget willing to put the extra time and work in to educate our children.
In my opinion, charter schools can be very affective, but everything has its downfalls. My daughter was enrolled in a charter...

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