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Cheating is an act of dishonesty, whether if it is in school, business, sports, or even in a relationship. The National Football League, better yet known as the “NFL”, was on the cliff of falling from its great reputation back in 2007. The 2007 New England Patriots were caught in a controversy; widely know as the “spy gate” scandal. The scandal was an incident back in 2007 when the National Football League (NFL) punished the New England Patriots for tape recording their opponents, New York Jets, defensive coordinator coach calling plays with his hands during a game back in 9 September 2007 from their side of the field. Which is a rule by the NFL broken by the Patriots. After a long and ...view middle of the document...

Arlen Spectar demanded to meet with the leagues commissioner, Roger Goodell. Once meeting with the commissioner of the league, Arlen Specter got news that Bill Belichick (Patriots head coach) had been involved in cheating in practice ever since he joined the New England Patriots back in 2000. Later after the interview between Roger Goodell and Arlen Spectar, Bill Belichick said that he assumed he was functioning within the NFL rules as long as the tape was not operated throughout of the time of the game being played versus his opponents.
After half a year of the interview between the U.S. Senator and the commissioner of the league, Boston Herald testified mentioning an unnamed source, that the New England Patriots had also tape recorded another NFL team, the Saint Lois Rams, practice preceding to the National Football Leagues 36th Championship (Super Bowl 36), later denied by the head coach Bill Belichick, and later withdrawn by Boston Herald. Temporarily, Matt Walsh, a New England Patriots video man assistant back in 2001 who was laid off after the teams 2002 football season, spoke to the media about that he had information and evidence concerning the Patriots tape recording opponents practices, but later insisted an protection agreement before speaking with the National Football League.
On the 23rd of April 2008 the National Football League grasped a deal with Matt Walsh and prepared a conference between Roger Goodell and Matt Walsh. Proceeding to the conference, Matt Walsh directed eight tape recordings comprising opponents defensive coaches signals from the 2000-2002 NFL seasons, in agreement with the deal. Goodell and Walsh...

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