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Check Point Decision Making Process Essay

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Checkpoint 1 - Decision-Making ProcessBy: Lori Settles, lori_settles@yahoo.comFor: Management Theory and PracticeTeacher: Carl Van DomelenThe decision I had to make was to leave my husband or stay in the abusive relationship. I decided to leave and take my children with me. When making this decision the first step I took was writing down the pros and the cons of staying and of leaving. The second step I ...view middle of the document...

My decision-making process was similar to evaluating alternatives, contingency plans and maximizing. The reason I say these three are similar is because I had to see what my alternatives where and make sure that the plan would work. Then making sure I had my future in place. I don't think my decision would be any different if I had used the steps in the text, because it is very hard to get out of an abusive relationship with someone who you trusted for two or three years. My decision-making process was very planed out and I done a lot of research on what could go wrong and what to do if it did go wrong. I found when doing this that the decision-making process wasn't as easy as A, B, C. When making a big decision that involves children, you have to make sure that no one gets hurt and everyone can get out safe. I think this was the biggest decision I have ever made in my life and one that many said I wouldn't make it out alive from. But I perived a lot of people wrong with my decision-making process and the end result.

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