Checks And Balances Essay

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Checks and Balances

We all are often called to mission or quest to prove a point to clear up an issue perhaps to make a stand. At the outset of our nation, the government faced a few degrees of opposition, three men set out to change the public opinion of the introducing of the United States (US) Constitution. James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay begin a series of essays in defense of the Constitution and the progressive improvement of American government. Eighty-five essays composed supporting different aspects of government in 1787; the papers received the name “Federalist Papers”. Federalist paper number 10 holds some remarkable thoughts about application of the US Constitution as to the overall plan that it identified for the American people. Frist sighting ...view middle of the document...

Statements like this one and hundreds of others captivated thousands of readers and stirred a passion in them to support the Constitution. What is truly interesting is how convicted to an idea of strong base for a legislative body to be in place to protect the rights of the citizens. Pointing out how a republic style of government where elected officials form a delegation could be adjusted with the increase of the population and there control could be extended. Could only imagine how these essays bolstered a zeal for government and a new era, not by oppression or ternary, but by the placement of an educated and wise group of citizens who in turn would with patriotism and a love for the growth of our nation would serve the people. In Federalist letter number 51; pined by James Madison he sets out to encourage the development of what we now call checks and balances where no one inanity could control the government. One of the most fascinating steps our founding fathers ever undertook was a system to not slow tyranny but stop it altogether. Just the wording alone was so far ahead of its time one statement by James Madison “In a free government the security for civil rights must be the same as that for religious rights” truly putting the people first. Placing security and religion in the for front of a three branch government was just amazing as to the effect and development it had in building trust in the people and putting forth a set of laws that helped this nation grow. In conclusion the structure of the US government is awesome it truly cares for balance every department keeps the next in check, James Madison and the other men who wrote these letters truly want what was best for the people, this type of honesty is missed or lacking, everyone should take a moment and read these to beautifully crafted letters.

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