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Cherishing Every Moment Of Life Essay

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Lauren Pozmanter 5/22/07
Creative Writing Buhler

In my life I have known many people who have shiwn me the meaning of a dollrar and taught me to cherish every moment. I have nodded at all of them and even rolled my eyes a couple of times. I don’t think I ever realized how fragile human life is and how easily we could lose it all. What I believe made this concept most hard to believe was that I had never lost anyone close to me. There was the occasional great aunt or some distant family member who I had never met but never anyone who I had actually spent to me with and gotten to know Because of this I know for a fact that I have never really had any true perspective on life. Earlier this year one of my friends died and I think I gained a little bit of knowledge from that. He was my age and although I did not know him very well he was still a person who I had known and spoken to. He moved away in January and I really hadn’t thought much of ...view middle of the document...

I knew that sooner or later she was going to die because she was 107 and face it when you’re that old death is inevitable. But when she died I cried for days and I didn’t know why. We weren’t the best of friends and she was actually really bitter but still I knew she was there. Knowing someone is there and alive has always been a sense of security for me as I think it is for everyone. You don’t have to know the person or be close to them, you just have to know that they exist, that they’re there. Until this year this concept never really registered with me, especially not until after I read Our Town.
When I read this play I knew what knowledge I was missing form life. I was missing my sense of appreciation. Now I take a look around and I think differently, take the tree for example, you acknowledge their presence, occasionally note on how pretty they are but that’s it. Do you ever really apprecitate what life they bring to this Earth? Do you ever take a moment to think about what life would be like if all the trees in the world were just gone? No, nobody does and that is how we take things for granted. Just think about for a second the people that you are fighting with and the people who you think that the world would be better off without. It could be your worst enemy, your sister or your own mother who you have been fighting with for years. You can say that they don’t exist to you anymore but how can you really mean that? Eventually people will realize how stupid and petty most of these things are, but it usually will take the loss of something or someone for it to click. You can say that you don’t care and that life will be the same without people, but will it really be? Will people really not be affected at all by the loss of something so great? I can’t answer that for some people but for me I can. I can say that even when I hate someone so much that I could ring their neck and I will mourn their loss. And when I look at all the beauty of this world I know that I appreciate all that is given to me and all that I have. I have learned not to dwell on the negative in life but to embrace the positive and learn from the not-so positive. It is the only way in my opinion to live a life.

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