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Chapter nine's focus in Vigil's From Indians to Chicanos is on the breakup and transformation of the social order. It is broken down into the Civil Rights Ferment, the 1960s Chicano Movement, and concludes with the 1970s and beyond. With some more emphasized than others, Vigil applies each of the "6 C's" in this chapter.The initial factors will be on the first three-Class, Culture, and Color. Many fought their way against great odds into the middle class orthodox American society. Others, with equal strength, contested the social obligations to "Americanize and abandon traditional ways." Still present was a major separation of income between Mexicans and whites, even in the middle class. ...view middle of the document...

Also, schools in Chicano neighborhoods were not getting equal treatment as the others were. However, Garfield High School in East Los Angeles demonstrated a change in this. Now the students are able to compete on an equal level with all other city students in college prep courses, such as math.The next exposition of the "6 Cs" will include contact, conflict, and change. Throughout history, there always has been a Chicano revolt. Not all of these episodes were fully feathered affairs (like social banditry) that caught the public eye. But these impulsive and occasional efforts improved living and working conditions. Mutualistas (mutual aid societies) were founded for self help purposes. Chicanos combined their resources and helped each other economically. For example, they provided low-interest loans and low-cost funeral and insurance benefits. In addition, labor unions, which have a strong Chicano representation, are increasingly working together to develop plans for socioeconomic and political change. Recently, Chicanos are assembling with other Latinos to fight for educational and political reform. Moreover, conflict was an important topic in the chapter. Many different groups took actions to rebel. The Brown Berets originated from a group of young students, who worked for a government-sponsored initiative program, to solve urban problems. Other examples were the United Mexican American Students and The Mexican American Youth Organization. These groups helped create university student involvement in all areas, putting forth demands to establish Chicano Studies programs and effective minority student recruitment. Additionally, the United Peoples Party founded by Jose Angel Gutierrez worked to set up an independent third party....

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