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Child Abuse Essay 2

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The above piece on Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre sparks an idea that may not be formed upon an initial read of the novel. Many readers agree that her aunt, Sarah Reed and her children, Jane’s cousins, abused the character of Jane Eyre. The passage above entails an encounter with Jane and her spoiled rotten cousin, John Reed. One might argue that Jane Eyre was an abused and neglected child, however, upon closer review, it also could be said that Jane was anything but a “typical” abused child. She scoffed at her cousin’s taunting of her, “musing” his ugly appearance. Although he did mistreat her, she fought back with every bit of strength that she had. Would a “typical” abused child fight ...view middle of the document...

The idea of Jane Eyre’s abuse as a child in her aunt’s home is therefore romanticized in the novel. Romanticism in this case is Jane creating the drama leading up to the encounter with John Reed and also in its aftermath. Even after Jane is locked away in the red room, Bessie and Miss Abbott agree that Jane is an “underhand little thing,” and that they had “never saw a girl of her age with so much cover.” Once again, the idea arises, would an abused child react this way? The abuse certainly existed at some level. However, Jane shocks everyone in the house with her failure to make herself “agreeable.” It seems that the reason John Reed is so angered by Jane repeatedly is that he senses that she is ready to fight back. Jane senses in the following passage, “I wonder if he read the notion in my face; for, all at once, without speaking, he struck suddenly and strongly.” This is a wonderful example of how Bronte portrays Jane with much strength even at this early stage in the novel. Jane felt this overwhelming anger for her cousin and scoffed at him, which was infuriating to him. Her strength and perseverance become a huge part of who Jane Eyre is and who she becomes as a woman. This same fire within her may die if she were really an “abused” child. A “typical” abused child, enduring years of real abuse would not rage with such passion as Jane does, the fire would probably eventually burn out. This is not so for Jane Eyre. Her fire is what drives her to overcome the “obstacles” she endures and eventually her gets exactly what she thinks she wants by being sent away from her “abusers.”

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