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Child Care Assignment 031

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Assignment 031 Task B

The social and medical models of disability in terms of impact on practice
Autisic spectrum disorder also called (Autism) more reacently described as mindblindedness it is a neurological and delelopmental disorder that usally appears during the first 3 years of life. A child with autism appears to live in their own world, showing little interest in others and a lack of awareness.
Social model of disability recongnises that discrimnation againist disabled people is created by society not by disabled people’s impairments.
Medical model of disability, this treats the person as a sick patient and tends to focus on, How we can make a person more normal. A child or ...view middle of the document...

You don't need to feel alone. The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) involves listening to you to find out what help you need, and what is working well in your life.
An action plan is then put together with you to make sure you get the right sort of help. The common assessment is there to help you but, if you don't want to take part in the assessment you don't have to - it really is up to you TAF is a model of multi-agency service provision. The TAF brings together a range of different practitioners from across the children's workforce to support an individual child/young person and their family. The members of the TAF develop and deliver a package of solution-focused support to meet the needs identified through the common assessment.
The TAF model does not imply a multidisciplinary team that is located together or who work together all the time. It is a group of practitioners working together as needed to help a particular child/young person. A TAF is based on the ethos that a flexible workforce is essential if children's services able to meet the diverse needs of each and every child/young person. TAF places the emphasis firmly on the needs and strengths of the child/young person, rather than on organisations or service pro

Everyone needs support at some point in their lives. There are many different types of support available. The support available to you may include:
• family and friends
• voluntary organisations, including support groups and social clubs
• Local authority funded support - this would include any services accessed through Social Services.

Types of support services
You may not need all of the services listed below or you may have thought of another type of support that would help you. It is always a good idea to speak to your social worker about any type of support that you think will help you to lead a fulfilling life. Even if it isn’t possible to arrange it, they may be able to suggest an alternative. The most common types of support services include:
• Domiciliary care (support in your home)
• Residential care
• Respite care - if you live with your family, respite care may be provided to allow you to all have a break from one another to allow the support arrangement to continue
• Supported living schemes - living in your own accommodation where support is always on hand and often provided by a warden
• Day centres - these can help you to access activities and socialise with other people
• Supported employment - help people who want to work but need support to do so
• Adult placements - this is a bit like fostering, you live with a family who agree to support you
• Therapists and specialists, such as counsellors or medical professionals.


A person is often disabled as a result of their impairment unless an effort is made to allow them to fit in and feel accepted. It is possible to avoid or reduce the impact of the impairment so the person can have opportunities to make choices, develop their...

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