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Child Development Essay

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Child Development: 13-17 years old.

Physical Development
Boys and girls still exhibit markedly different levels of physical maturity as they enter middle adolescence. Girls’ rapid growth is generally tapering off, while many boys have yet to see the beginning of their much anticipated growth spurt. By the end of this period most girls will be near their adult height; boys may continue to grow until age 18 or 19.
* growth in height continues, but at a slower pace than earlier; adult height is reached by age 16 or 17
* breast development continues
* pubic hair thickens, darkens, and takes on adult triangular pattern
* underarm hair thickens
* hips widen; fat ...view middle of the document...

These swings will smooth out as your teen approaches the end of high school and gains more confidence in his own independence.
* uncertain, unhappy, and sensitive
* withdrawn; spends a lot of time alone; needs privacy
* convinced that everyone else is watching and judging
* very concerned with body image
* self-esteem at a low ebb
* not sociable with adults
* friendships tend to be group-focused; more squabbling than a year ago
* generally happy and easy-going
* recognizes own strengths and weaknesses
* finds many faults with, and is embarrassed by, both parents
* likes to be busy and involved in many extracurricular activities
* social circle is large and varied; includes friends of both sexes
* very anxious to be liked
* interest in the opposite sex is strong
* may be quarrelsome and reluctant to communicate
* strong desire for independence; wants to be free of family

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