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PSY-354 (PSY-354-0101) Child Psyc
August 9, 2015
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Do to most beliefs, there is six different stages in growing up. Starting with Infancy, then Early Childhood, Middle Childhood, Early Adolescence, and Late Adolescence. In the next paragraphs the explanation of some things to provide development in the classroom and school will be explained.
Starting with Infancy, a teacher can make sure that the child is set up in a safe and stimulating environment. This way the child can explore their surroundings by crawling, walking, and climbing within the classroom. Another is to arrange clean areas for the children for their physical needs. A teacher can also provide culturally sensitive care. The teacher can have ...view middle of the document...

Ensuring that all the children learn the basic academic skills and to give the children the guidance they need to establish a positive relationship with their peers. Children are learning how to talk through a problem more now then fighting through the problem. The teacher makes more of someone to look up too at this age.
In the Early Adolescence stage, the importance of education is very important. A teacher will design a curriculum that is challenging and motivating. This will incorporate knowledge and skills for the child. Children will have advisors to help with their welfare. And, then comes the changes in physical and puberty. The child may feel awkward and will need their privacy.
The last stage is Late Adolescence, this is when the child is in high school. The teacher expects high standards for their achievement. The child becomes a young adult, and they want to be treated in this respect. A teacher might tell a child to give back to their community. The child can do this by working with the community outside of school. The child can learn a future through working outside the school and home. Then at last, the teacher will help with showing the child what is out in the world for their future.
With all the stages above, children go through many changes. When a child is introduced to the right developmental changes, the child can have a well formed future. Starting with the love and understanding, and ending with the responsibility of themselves. The child grows into an adult.

Child Development and Education, Fifth Edition, by Teresa M. McDevitt and Jeanne Ellis Ormrod.
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