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Child Education Essay

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The Cell
Cell phone texting and sex texting is increasing exponentially. It was not very long ago that technology made it possible to connect with a person at anytime and in any place. This technology allows people to go from one extreme to another. For instance a person with a business may need an avenue for constant communication. On the other hand teenager may need a constant connection with their friends to keep up with the latest news. However, there are some extremes in both scenarios.
The Businessperson believes he or she is the only person in the world when they are transacting some sort of business arrangement. They often can be rude and obnoxious during their call in public ...view middle of the document...

There is Blueberry phones, smartphones and iphones for your calling pleasure. The possibility exists that some serious brain damage may occur with prolonged cell phone use. This information if true will not become apparent until people are hospitalize for unknown problem. Remember how it was with the tobacco companies and their denial?

Mobile phone is one of the latest inventions of modern science. It is a small cellular phone that can be easily carried with us. It has made our everyday life easy-going and tension free. We can now communicate easily with others through this. As the networks of different mobile operators have covered almost the whole country, we don’t have any chance to get lost. Our friends and family members can easily find us even how far we are. Because of its great benefits, the number of mobile phone users is increasing day by day. But every positive thing has some negatives aspects as well. Mobile phone is also not an exception to this. Teenagers often spoil their valuable time by talking to their friends for long. They are often found to talk to their friends for long two or three hours at night. Different mobile operators often offer some mid-night free or low cost calls. Students mostly take this advantage and thus kill their time. Besides, hijackers, robbers and different anti-social activists often commit crime by communicating among themselves through mobile phone. The billing rate of mobile phone is still very high in the country. Scientists are warning that excessive use of mobile phone can cause brain cancer, and hamper the mental growth of children. But despite these disadvantages, we use mobile phone as it has been a part and parcel in our daily life.

The invention of mobiles phones is a great achievement and plays an important part in our daily life. Its many aspects are beneficial but some are negative effects as well. Its development brought convenience and advantages to the world. Communication between people to people becomes so easier and very fast. We put through people from any place on bus, in street or in a meeting to send messages for less than the price of call. Internet can be access through it and also used to make photos and videos. At the same time, parents can control their children and it is essential for emergencies. Business deals can be done on a single call through cell phone outside of office in park or in any shopping centre. This invention gets closer the world to a single point. Internet is also available at cell phone. The radiations of mobile may be dangerous to health and may cause headache, earache and blurring vision. These invisible hygienic radiations destroy the cells located in ear and head region which causes damage to the brain and nephrons in head region. Its use in impropriate places causes disturbance sometimes, such as in classrooms etc.Mobile phones with camera are causing privacy problems such as using it as a hidden camera to take pictures and making videos. By...

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