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Ever wonder what could be going through the mind of a victim of child labor? There are over 78 million children working hours like fully grown adults, being harassed, abused, exploited, and used as a tool. This is what child labor is. This illegal act should be enforced in every country. Children are given away to whoever has the highest bid for the child and will occasionally be given away for free to anyone willing to take them. These unseen crimes are being taken way too lightly. Children are actually working in sweatshops, being abused and paid in cents to create products that are sold for $75 or more in stores all around the world, like the US and even to India. Child labor should be ...view middle of the document...

These children aren’t strong enough to fight of these child laborers. Their vulnerable to anything the employers have in store for them. In addition, child laborers do not cover injuries, “…children who are injured in the fields often must pay for their own medical treatment despite another provision in the labor code that makes employers responsible for medical expenses for injuries occurred on the job” (Common Dreams). This means that is a law that states that employers need to pay for medical costs of injuries made on the job, but some way these children need to pay for their own medical costs. This is because their employers dehumanize them in a way that takes advantage of their young age letting it be that the employers don’t pay for medical treatments. As a result, many children suffer through the healing process or die from the uncared injuries and unpaid medical payments.

Not everyone agrees that child labor is harmful. For example, it is said that, “Some child workers themselves think that illegal work (such as prostitution) should not be considered the definition of child labor” (CLPP). This is because these child workers would like to be respected that their work is legal. The truth to that manner is that these children feel the way they do because they have no other place to work. Also in an opinion survey results were said that, “An average of 3.02 said that ‘If the parents of a child cannot support their child, then child labor is okay” (think quest). This result shows that some people actually support the idea of child labor. They feel that the child would survive on his own payments if the child’s parent’s payments aren’t enough. In conclusion, there are different sides to child labor.

Child labor doesn’t only take place in third world countries but also in the United States. In the US, “The Fair Labor Standards Act states that the minimum working age is 15 with some expectations” (CLPP). This means that if you are 15 and over you are lawfully allowed to maintain a job, but if you are younger, than you are breaking the law. Hundreds of thousands of children work illegally in the United States. Furthermore, teens are also exploited without knowing it, an article says, “…got paid less than minimum wage took and took taxes out paychecks” (American Edu). They were exploited by earning less than what they worked for. Then they found out that their jobs were making them victims to child labor. Child labor is all around us.


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