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Child obesity: Council to ban takeaways near schools
Nowadays too many children are obese. The cause of the obesity comes from too many fast food restaurants, like McDonald and other places where you get food, very cheap and in a matter of no time. The problem is that most children and teenagers use their money on fast food, and skip the healthy meal, made from scratch at home. But in some homes parent don’t do anything to give their children a healthy meal, they are either too lazy or too busy. This results in the first place that the children get used to food from outside, and second obesity. Obesity in itself is very dangerous and can bring a lot of illnesses along with it, like heart diseases and diabetes.
The council of Britain has come with a ban, which means, they want to restrict ...view middle of the document...

- The obesity rate will fall.
- The government doesn’t have to pay so much for the many kinds of treatment for obese people.
- People are now forced to make food at home, for when their children come home from school.

The bad thing about the ban is:
- People, who practically live from fast food, will get mad because they will not be able to buy it anywhere anymore.
- The government will lose money they could earn from the fast food restaurants.
- It’s difficult to shake people from their bad habits

Defendyouself thinks that this is a bad idea because “we can’t tell people how to live their lives”. They think that we are going to end up like the US, if we allow these bans. They don’t want the ban.
Spoonface is thinking more about the public purse than the actual health of people. They want the ban, mostly because of their own economic sake.
Murchad27 says that it should be banned for a period.

My opinion about the comments is that I think that they are right. I also think that you can’t tell people how to live. And yes we have to think about the public purse. But if the public doesn’t do anything about the illnesses which come along with obesity, who will then? If the government wants to make a ban for fast food restaurants then there is a serious reason. When the government makes the ban they know that when they treat the obesity now, they don’t have to deal with it later on. This also means that in the future they will not spend so much money to treat people from illnesses caused by obesity and fast food. I am personally for the ban, and I can only see the positive sites of it.
People will get more responsibility for their children and make a healthier meal for them. The ban will prevent obesity and following illnesses. Maybe it will cost the public purse a lot now, but in the future everybody will be able to see the positive side of this ban.

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