Childcare Cyp 3.3 Task 1 Essay

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Cyp 3.3 Task 1

1.1An outline of current legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures within own UK Home Nation affecting the safeguarding of children and young people
In England and Wales we have policies and procedures for safeguarding and Child Protection are the result of the Children Act 1989. The Children Act 2004 also changed the structure and organisation of the way Child protection is after the serious case review which involved Victoria Climbie.

Policies and procedures that relate to safeguarding children and young people

Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act
Protects children under the age of 18 who are living independently and supporting ...view middle of the document...

It is important that all children no matter what race, culture or ethnicity are acknowledged in what they do and respected as adults would want to be as well. It is also important that a child's wishes, feeling’s and decisions are taken into account and are valued. Even though a child's rights are always taken into account the final decision is made by the parent or if in serious cases the court. A way that it relates to safeguarding children is through an organisation like Barnardo's that concentrate on helping not only children but also their families and give them the help and support they need. The type of help they can provide is training, help anyone who may need help with anger issues or to help someone that have family issues that need to be addressed.

Children's Commissioner for Wales Act 2001
The aim of this policy is to ensure that children and young children are offered support and advice so that they can express their feelings, wishes and points of views. The policy also gives information to children, young people and professionals that are concerned for the welfare and rights of children.
It is also the Children's Commissioner of Wales responsibility to work alongside other professionals and agencies to make sure they don't fail children and families in noticing either there is an abuse issue or a possible chance of a child being neglected within the family.

Every Child Matters: Change for Children 2003
Relates to safeguarding children because this policy focuses on providing the legislation to concentrate on the needs of children and young people and families by following these Every Child Matters outcomes. To make sure all children are healthy and receive medical care, children have the right to feel safe and secure in their living environments and learning environment, children have the right to an education and the opportunity to enjoy and achieve and finally it’s the policy's responsibility to contribute to all children, young people and their families so they live the lives they deserve and should have by right.

All Wales Child Protection
The procedure works because it is divided into five parts;

* The context for child protect work
* What needs to be done if a child is suspected of being abused or abused
* The procedures that must be followed once a report on suspected child abuse or child neglect has been made
* The management of particular types pf child abuse and the protocols developed and followed by the All Wales Child Protection Procedures Review Group since 2002
The aim of the procedure is to make plans and actions to ensure those children’s safety and welfare are top priority. For the procedure to work it must also work alongside agencies and families to provide the help and support that they need and to identify any adults in a family that could be a risk to children.

Legalisations that relates to safeguarding children and young people
Children Act 1989
The aim of...

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