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Childhood And Discovery Essay

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Childhood and discovery
Delta Lea Goodrem was born on 9 November 1984 in Sydney, New South Wales to parents Denis and Lea Goodrem. Goodrem, who showed a strong interest in music and performing from a very young age, attended The Hills Grammar School, though due to its curriculum placing strong emphasis on sport (Goodrem taking part in netball, running and swimming), music was primarily kept separate.[12] At the age of seven, she appeared in an American commercial for the Galoob toy company, starring alongside fellow Australian Bec Cartwright[13] and began playing piano at seven years of age while taking up singing, dancing and acting lessons. She appeared in numerous commercials for ...view middle of the document...

[20] The album and proposed second single "A Year Ago Today" were pushed aside as a result, allowing Goodrem and Sony to re-evaluate her future musical direction. In 2002, Goodrem took up the role as shy school girl and aspiring singer Nina Tucker in the popular soap Neighbours,[1] which helped re-launch Goodrem's music career. The piano-based ballad "Born to Try" co-written by Audius Mtawarira premiered on the show and became her first ARIA number one and UK Top 3.[21] Goodrem's role on the show scored her a Logie for "Most Popular New Talent" at the 2003 Logie Awards and two other nominations at the 2004 Logie Awards (including a Gold Logie nomination).

"I Don't Care" (2001)

Goodrem's debut single was a pop-dance song which failed to make an impact on the charts.


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|filename2=Delta_Goodrem_-_Born_To_try_Sample.ogg |title2="Born to Try" (2002) |description2=Goodrem's first international hit was a co-written inspirational piano ballad. |format2=Ogg |filename3=Lost_Without_you_-_Delta.ogg|title="Lost Without You" (2003) |description3= Goodrem's second ARIA number one. A re-worked version later became her first US single. |format3=Ogg }} In January 2003, "Lost Without You" again topped the ARIA singles chart[22] and reached number four in the UK, increasing Goodrem's popularity. Her largely self-penned debut album Innocent Eyes was released in March and debuted at number-one on the ARIA album charts, breaking Australian records previously held...

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