Childhood Homelessness Essay

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Childhood Homelessness

Homeless children is a problem that we are facing today as an American society. It is not a problem that you have probably heard a lot about. But one out of every fifty children will be homeless at some point in their childhood. Besides physiological trauma that is puts on a child it also has physical repercussions to. For example living without running water or not knowing where their next meal is coming from will take a major toll on a Childs health. Sometimes children often will have it worse then adults especially not being able to take advantage of homeless shelters in fear of being put in foster care. This also becomes were there is a problem the children can't let themselves be seen as homeless so they must fly under the radar so this is a problem that ...view middle of the document...

The government would need to first step in and beef up all of the homeless shelters for them to accommodate children. Just not children with families but also children on their own which is a growing epidemic. They would also have to make it alright for children to come forward and ask for help without taking them away from their parents and siblings and sending them to foster care.

They need to not just add to the existing homeless shelters the government needs to build more because there will be more families coming forward looking for help if they know that they will be allowed to keep their children. Along with sheltering children come more of a responsiblity in the children need to attend school and the parents need jobs. So their needs to be programs in place to help get the kids into school and for the parents to find jobs. With this type of help you will never be able to extinguish childhood homelessness but by geting the children shelter, food, and schooling the trauma that these kids will endure will be greatly diminished. With the kids being helped the parents can focus on getting a job and getting back on their feet. Their are so many families out there with children that do not get this kind of help right here in the United States.

Inconclusion the many things that need to be done to help these children is to get them shelter without sending them off to foster care and taking them away from their family. Also getting them into school and after school programs so that the parents have time to find a job and get back onto their feet. All of this is to help mitigate the problem because no matter what you do people get laid off, cant pay their rent, and find themselves and most importantly their children homeless. This solution is to make it easier and faster for these families to get back up and running.

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