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Obesity within Young Children
Chiquita Johnson
Eng 122
Professor Lee Kinkade
March 12, 2012

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There are a lot of different issues that she can tackle when it comes to childhood Obesity. When it involves childhood obesity there are a lot of serious issues. Most of the issues can become long term issues and follow her throughout her adult years. This paper will focus on the causes of childhood obesity, long term health problems, short term health problems, environmental reasons, and how to prevent childhood obesity.
Sometimes obesity can seek up on you, but if you are a parent raising a child that is obese. It is ...view middle of the document...

You can put a stop to that by putting healthier foods and snacks in the house instead of letting them eat sweets all the time.
There are a lot of long term issues that you can get when you are diagnose with childhood obesity. Long term basically means that these problems will follow you throughout their teenage and adult years. These problems can be serious or they can be something that is not that serious. There are ways that she can prevent her child from having any serious long term issues. There are a lot of long term issues that you may end up with if you were an obese child. One of the long term effects of childhood obesity is type 2 diabetes. Another serious issue is asthma. Type 2 diabetes is a very serious illness that can leads to death if you don’t take care of your child or yourself. Asthma can cause you child so serious problems when they grow up. The reason that I’m saying that asthma will be a serious problem is because what if your child wants to play sports when they get in grade school. It would be a problem for them because they want be able to exercise and practice like the other children because of their asthma. Those are just a couple of health problems if you were an obese child that can turn into a serious problem during your adult years.
There are also a lot of short term issues and effects that can come with the package of being an obese child. Short term basically means that it can gradually go away if you treat your body right. High Cholesterol is considered a short term effect that you can get from being obese when you were a child. Even high cholesterol is a short term effect it can as well turn into a long term illness. With high cholesterol you have to watch what you eat. High Blood
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Pressure is also considered a short term effect that you may come across when you are an obese child. Even though high blood pressure is short term it is also very serious and dangerous. High blood pressure can also lead to death if you don’t take care of yourself. If you have a case of high blood pressure you would probably have to check your pressure every day to make sure your pressure don’t get to high. Those are just a few of short term issues that you can have after being an obese child. Not only can you get rid of those issues, but you can also avoid these issues.
In my opinion childhood obesity is more environmental than genetic. I believe that childhood obesity is environmental is because there are many different reasons that you or your child can come obese. Depression can be one of the environmental causes. When you are depressing the number one thing that a lot of people do is eat. Stress is also another environmental cause of obese. It too can cause you to just eat. Being sick is another one. You the parent can control the environmental cause of your child being obese. You can control them by making sure your child is not obese, keeping your child surrounds stress free and...

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