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Childhood Obesity In New Zealand Essay

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Add more detail and elaborate more on each point instead of moving on to the next point so quickly.
Childhood Obesity in New Zealand
Activity Instructions

The Critical Examination
Part A
Critically examine the existence of childhood obesity and consider the extent that it is, as often reported by the media, simply a matter of nutrition and physical inactivity?

Part B
Examine in detail how issues around children’s health and physical activity impact on New Zealand society.
The following is a framework that you may find useful for your critical examination.
* An introduction that includes an outline of what you will be examining. It could also include any ...view middle of the document...

* If you are fat, you are assumed that you are unfit. Being fat doesn’t mean that you are unfit and lazy. Being skinny doesn’t mean that you are fit. Find two different points of view- Do you think childhood obesity is a problem in New Zealand. Why?
* A section where you clearly state your position and make a judgment based on your critical examination, of childhood obesity.
* Give your personal opinion- I belive this, I believe that etc.
* A section that explains in detail issues around children’s health and physical activity and the impact or potential impact on New Zealand society.
* What does overweight children mean for NZ society? Overweight children tends to lead to overweight adults which means that more money will need to be spent on adult healthcare for overweight people. What has the governemtn done in order to address the issue? 5+ a day, 30 minutes a day, used celebrities as positive role models, SPARC, Push Play, Mission On, increased pricing of cigarettes and alcohol, changing what schools are able to sell at their canteens such as fizzy drink, pies etc.
Part A- 300 words
Look at childhood obesity and decide whether or not it is an issue. If yes, is it only because of bad food and no activity?
* Is the reason that we have so many obese children because they have poor nutrition and laziness?
* Influence of technology
* Not enough promotion of sport
* TV advertisements, media
* Family upbringing
Obesity among children in New Zealand because of unsatisfactory food choices and physical inactivity is an issue which needs to be addressed among New Zealand’s society because of the risk that those children have of developing more serious health related problems. The government is calling this an ‘obesity epidemic’ although no one really has much knowledge on the issue, despite the widespread media attention. The 2006/07 New Zealand Health Survey on the Ministry of Health website produced statistics which said that 1 in 12 children aged 2 to 14 years, were obese. This is 8.3% of the population, with Pacific Island boys and girls being at least 2.5 times more likely to be obese than other boys and girls in the total population. On most health websites which I have listed in my bibliography, the majority of them touch on how different ethnicities and cultures have big influences on obese children in New Zealand and the level of physical activity which they participate in. In 2000/2001 New Zealand Sport Physical Activity Surveys (SPARC, 2005) generated results which support this statement by saying that Maori girls are more active than European and Pacific girls and girls from other ethnic groups (70%,64%, 52% and 55% respectively). European and Maori boys (76% and 72%) are more active than boys from other ethnic groups or Pacific boys (63%and 53%).

There are differing views which have formed about this apparent ‘obesity epidemic’ which power groups are labeling it as, which are a result of the...

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