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Give the fact that many children (and adults, for that matter exhibits some level of the symptoms of ADHD (i.e., inattention, impulsivity, or over activity), what approach could be used to ensure that children are appropriately identified with ADHD?

The child who is showing some symptoms of ADHD should get the proper diagnoses and the parents should bring their child to a specialist. First of all, the child would be seen by a pediatrician or a child psychologist. The specialist would gather information from everyone, the school, caregivers or parents. The health care provider will look over the information and compare it to the regular children of the same age group.
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Also, during group time everyone is seated in a circle, the teacher is talking and she would move from one spot to another and all the teachers have to tell her several times to stay in one spot on the circle. The little girl has a hard time completing a task as well, we would ask her to do something simple and she cannot stay seated for a long period of time. For example, all the children are sitting making a picture of their family and Anaya just makes herself and we tell her “make your mom and dad” and she said “ok” and she makes 2 circles and said “I am done”. We ask her “what about the arms” (at this point she is squirming on the chair) and she said “they have arms”.
In conclusion, Anaya shows symptoms of ADHD but, her parents don’t want to hear negativity towards their child. Anaya won’t receive help till she goes to kindergarten and they will realize she cannot concentrate in school. Anaya will have a hard time but, she will get the help she needs in a public school.

Discuss how the symptoms of ADHD might lead to social problems for a student. How might a teacher address these behaviors...

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