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Children Of Today, Citizens Of Tomorrow

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Childhood is that special time when the world is perceived as a place of wonder and fantasy in which all is clean and new and brimful of promise or, at least that is how childhood is supposed to be.
For an increasing number of children though, this is certainly not the case as, for them, the world is a dangerous jungle in which they must fight to survive on many fronts at once: preyed on by sexual perverts, exploited by adult criminals in search of easy loot, forced to work almost as soon as they can walk, often hungry, miserable and downright physically abused, life is not as it should be and sadly, for the majority of such children, will never amount to much if anything at all.
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As inflation soars, the number of families living on or below the poverty line increases and children are forced to supplement the family income in any way possible, instead of attending even a rudimentary government school. Having food on the table is obviously of prime importance; attending school comes way down the list and even if the children were, in some unimaginable way, prevented from working and forced to attend school instead, then that would do nothing to alleviate their family’s hunger. Enticing the children of the poor to attend school with handouts of tins of cooking oil and rice is, of course, one way of encouraging education to take root and in some areas of the country, it is being done - the ‘problem’, however, persists and so this is obviously not the solution!
A workable solution - make that an ‘enforceable’ workable solution - must exist, but it has yet to be worked out and the modalities made operational. Meanwhile, there are measures that private individuals can take. People employing servants for example can check on the educational position of their servant’s children and, as a bonus or even as part of the adults pay structure, arrange proper schooling for at least one child per family and provide them with the necessary books to make learning possible. This may help in educating children of low level working parents. But, of course, does nothing for those whose parents have no actual form of employment - as is the case with many families living in the kind of squalor that should not exist in the world of today and certainly...

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