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Children’s Hospital Case Study And The Relationship With The Readings From Managing Change: Equity & Action

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Children’s Hospital Case Study and the Relationship with the readings from Managing Change: Equity & Action

This case study on Children’s Hospital and Cinics gives an elaborate explanation on managing change. Julie Morath, who was the chief operating officer at the children’s Hospital brought in administration change in the hospital after an incident of medical errors on a patient. Patient safety became her priority. Morath attended some training that gave her a lot of impetus and skills to bring out effective management in the children’s hospital. This brought change and improved the performance of the hospital.
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The staff was skeptical initially on the applicability of data ,but they later realized that most of them had experienced similar events (Edmundson, Roberto & Tucker, 2007). In most of her many presentations she laid emphasis on change in the way medical professionals thought about accidents. Since healthcare systems are very complex and risk prone the culture or team work must be inculcated to enhance safety identify risks and work through them to have a change ; through such efforts staff became convinced that a new approach could be used to reduce accidents. The staff also became more open about errors and how they can improve patient health care. Any good management requires training in order to get skills of management. One should also share out the knowledge with junior employees in a cordial way in order for them to receive the intended message that can also influence them to change.

In the early months, Julie gathered data on the current state of patient safety. She also managed to influence the staff and they eventually become more open in discussing the medical accidents and error. She used a market researcher and a registered nurse to carry out confidential focus groups. Eighteen focus groups were conducted with all the medical practitioners in the hospital. The sessions created commitment for the safety effort. All the employees felt relieved to have a safe place to share their experiences with medical errors. Morath went ahead, after getting approval to hold focus group sessions with parents where they shared out and made suggestions for improving patient care. They formulated a strategic plan. During the second half of 1999, Morath launched a strategic planning process which could define the goals and objectives of the children’s hospital in the next five years with patient safety, one of the key pillars in the strategic plan. An acronym SAFE was coined to summarize the components of the hospital’s strategic plan. SAFE- stood for safety, access, financial, and experience. Each component represented a promise or goal put forward by the hospital to its patients. Strategic plan was an effective tool for aligning the organization behind a clear set goals and objectives. It ensured that upper management and frontline staff were aligned. It is aimed at connecting these two groups...

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