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Childrens Aid Society : What They Do

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Children’s Aid Society
Children’s Aid is an organization that has been around since 1912 that helps protect children and their well-being. Children’s Aid is really the voice for the children who can’t speak for themselves. Children’s Aid is funded by membership fees, government grants and other revenue producing activities so it is free of charge. A critical role of the Children’s Aid Society is promoting child welfare issues and showing them so they can influence public commitment and opinion into this issue
When children have come into the care of the Children’s Aid Society, it’s because it’s either voluntarily for a temporary time being or it’s by court order. CAS tries to promote as much as possible that if you see any kind of abuse in a household with a younger child to report it right away. Abuse being when a caregiver of a young child deliberately harms a child, this abuse can happen ...view middle of the document...

A foster parent can be anyone who have an interest in children and young people, and they are also patient, kind and very welcoming. The ideal goal for the foster parents and the CAS is to remove everything harmful in the child’s home, while the child is in foster care, and once they feel that it’s safe to return home, the child will be reunited with his/her family. The Foster Family Qualifications & Support are
* A foster family must provide a foster child with his or her own bed and adequate space. A foster child may not sleep in an unfinished basement.
* Past experience caring for children or youth is a definite advantage.
* Working foster parents must arrange appropriate supervision for children and youth.
* A basic understanding of children's and/or youth's needs, as well as a willingness to learn, is required.
* Love of young people, optimism, patience and consistency are essential to the successful foster family.
Also each foster family is given a resource worker who they have access to 24 hours a day for any kind of support regarding the foster child. Many expenses are covered such as clothing, medical bills, and bus fare for school etc.

If the child is not able to reunite with the family there is always the chance of adoption. A child needs a loving stable home and adoption might be away for them to get it. CAS wants to find a home for every child a permanent, nurturing one. Children that are placed for adoption can be an Infant to 18 years old. If you are interested in adopting a child or you are interested in learning more about adoption, please call CAS at 519-252-1171 to speak to an adoptions specialist. From then on you will be able to get more knowledge on the process, and everything you need to know about adopting a child.

This is the logo for the Children’s Aid Society all through Ontario, this represents child protection. It’s really about protecting what you believe is best for your child and doing it, because you know it will help not only your child but you as a parent, and your community. The children’s aid society is a voice for the children and this logo symbolizes the children.

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