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Childrens Hour Essay

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Named after his uncle, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was born in Portland, Maine in a house looking over the ocean on February 27, 1807. Longfellow was a child of eight having three brothers and four sisters. He was the son of Stephen Longfellow and Zilpah Wadsworth Longfellow. His ancestors came to America in 1676 from Yorkshire, England. Starting school at Portland Academy, only at the age of three, was just some of the early experiences for Longfellow would endure. At the age of six, his family received a letter from his school that stated, "Master Henry Longfellow is one of the best boys we have in school. He spells and reads very well. He can also add and multiply numbers. His conduct last ...view middle of the document...

After getting married Longfellow settled down and began expanding his profession and started making travel sketches for the New England Magazine. At this time he was still a professor at Bowdoin and had also become a Librarian. In 1834, He was mad a professor at Harvard University and once again left for Europe to extend his knowledge, but his wife traveled with him this time. In Rotterdam Mary Storer Potter, his wife of only three years, past away leaving Longfellow alone returning to America to start his new job. In 1843 Longfellow was remarried to Frances Appleton. As a wedding gift Appleton's father, Nathan Appleton, who was rather wealthy purchased the Craigie House as a wedding gift. Longfellow was no stranger to the house because he had taken a room there after the tragic death of his first wife. While living there his first book of poems titled "Voices of the Night" was published. After this he ventured back to Europe and wrote "The Spanish Student." The Longfellow's a total of five children, two boys and three girls, who were described in the poem "The Children's Hour." In 1847 "Evangeline" was published and became an instant hit. In 1854, Longfellow resigned from Harvard and began to just write poetry. Shortly after resigning, he began to write "The Song of Hiawatha." In 1861 Longfellow's wife, Frances Appleton, burned to death one day while...

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