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Childs Christmas In Wales Essay

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Victory Wulah
November 23, 2014
Professor Yergen
A Child’s Christmas in Wales Analysis
A Child’s Christmas in Wales is the third theatre production put on by Grand Canyon University’s Ethington Theatre. Since it is the holiday season I appreciate the fact that a Christmas production was offered for us to see. I can tell that very hard work was put in to making this theatre production because all of the aspects in the play worked together to form an outstanding performance. I really enjoyed this production because it was very well put together, the acting was great, and because it spread holiday cheer!
In this theatre production, A Child’s Christmas in Wales, the story is ...view middle of the document...

I think this play was written to remind people of childhood memories and to show how much peace and happiness Christmas can bring to not only a little boy, but to everyone. I do have to admit that this play did exactly that and got me excited for this holiday season!
The set for this production was built very nice and simple. I loved the simplicity of the set because I think it helped the audience use their imagination more. The way the town was painted in the background looked so cool with the lights and with a little imagination, it actually seemed like people were walking around in the cold. I loved how the lights were mostly cool colors because it represented the winter and the cold. In class we saw how some lights flickered to represent a fire but it was really cool seeing how it all came together in the actual play. The set went really well with the costumes and I think that it is an important thing to go together. The costumes can actually help to make or break a production and they definitely helped make Ethington’s version of A Child’s Christmas in Wales.
The mood and tone for this production was very calm and cheerful to me. The mood was very Christmas-y and I loved it! It puts people in a great mood and gets us ready to spend time with friends and family for the holidays. My favorite thing about this production is that it shows little pieces of the childish mind inside of everyone. I believe that the theme of A Child’s Christmas in Wales is that the small things in life are what bring us happiness and peace can form if everyone gets what they want. Everyone who helped to put this production together did such an amazing job!

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