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Knowing Your Audience
On August 5th 2010 the owner, Minera San Esteban of Chilean copper mine located in San Jose and as said by local news to produce around 1,200 tons of copper per year, was under investigation because of a collapse that occurred in which 33 miners were trapped around 300 meters below the surface. They were underground for 17 days total, four of those days they were without food, water or oxygen. At that time it wasn’t known if the miners were alive or not. During the rescue attempt they drilled holes to find where the miners were and how far down, while drilling another collapse happened causing them to suspend the rescue for hours. Because of the drilled holes, they were able to find out not only that they were alive but the media sent down a camera as well as a ...view middle of the document...

Hundreds of teary eyed people celebrated the life of the miners while cheering, singing along with them and honking their horns.
As the miners were trapped the shift leader, Luis Vrzua, led them in exercise and ensured that he maintained his workers safe and focused on surviving. They were able to find clean water to stay healthy. As they came up through the narrow half mile rescue shaft specially designed capsule, Vrzua was the last of the miners to surface. The miners came out of the capsule with enough energy to walk, cheer even leap, leading on lookers, family members and media into cheers of excitement. After greeting their family and giving hugs to the audience that awaited them, they were medically treated.
The Chilean mining company had had a number of fatal accidents that had occurred prior to this collapse that now raised attention to the company safety issues. The Federation of Chilean mining workers and the Confederation of cooper workers all are concerned that the owners safety proceedings aren’t being met by the small mining company. The concerned President of Chile has stated that there will be a thorough investigation will be done on the company. The mine was forced to review their safety improvements, but because of the managers lack of following these instructions the company was closed down soon after in January. Unfortunately this did not last very long, since there were reports saying business resumed as usual a year later.
The miners are all receiving medical treatment for emotional distress and many of them received sick leave with pay for prolonged post traumatic stress. Most of the miners are currently unemployed and in a worse economical condition than they were before. Law suits were filed against the mining company in hopes to tell their stories on the collapse and where they are in their lives today.

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