China And India: The Influence Of Western Trends On Their Youth

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China and India: The Influence of Western Trends on Their Youth
BUS330: Principles of Marketing (DCJ1523A)
June 22, 2015

Over the past ten years, some foreign countries have adopted many trends from western style. Foreign brands are held in high regard in China and India. These are two major countries whose youth enjoy western style. In this, there are many different products that could be offered and sold by marketers. In this paper I will describe several of the products of interest to these youth markets, I will compare and contrast the micro- and macro-environmental forces that could influence marketing for these products, then I will analyze and compare China ...view middle of the document...

They sell discounted items from companies such as Abercrombie & Fitch Co that have not even officially entered the market. They are selling mid-market US brands to India’s middle class through homegrown online start-ups sites like,,, and others. Two sites known for selling US brands in the same illegal fashion are and Chinese eBay.
There are also many products in the line of technology that are very popular with the youth marketer’s in these countries. Apple products such as the Ipad and Iphones are very popular. Also, gaming systems such as Xbox, Playstation, and the Nintendo Wii are very popular as well. They have also adopted a lot of our fast food chains as well. In China, McDonald’s and KFC are flourishing and are continuously packed with youth. Within a 61 year time frame, there were over 4,500 KFC’s in China and new McDonald’s restaurants popping up at a rate of at least ten per week. That is really amazing. In India, foreign businesses are not very welcomed. However, American businesses such as Krispy Kreme, Burger King, Taco Bell, and McDonald’s opened restaurants around the country or have plans to. This has caused health in both countries to decline.
The micro- and macro-environmental forces that can influence the marketing strategies for these products I think would be higher incomes and growth in their economies. China and India are very big on education. In this, more and more youth are getting very high paying jobs. Top class engineers and scientists are among these. This in turn gives them more disposable income and now they can buy the western style they seem to enjoy so much. Also, China and India’s economies are booming. Their growth rates over the past few years have been eight to ten percent or higher annually. This is very significant growth. This is because the likes and dislikes as well as the lifestyles of the youth in India and China have changed over the past decade. The want for western trends is in great demand. The latest technology, clothing, and accessories are easily obtained via the internet in these countries and delivered from the U.S. They can receive their orders in a matter of days with services like Federal Express and DHL. Indian as well as Chinese youth find the sexiness of western style trends appealing. American media as well as Indian and Chinese media, help to fuel this.
I think the most significant comparison in marketing between western based consumption marketers, China, and India would be advertising in the media. Advertising via social media is one of the greatest things of today. Here you can expect to find the latest trends in any part of the world. It is a great way to keep up on the latest fashion...

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