China: Harlots More Respected Than Officials

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China at 60: Prostitutes more Reliable than Communist Party

--Dr. Yukteshwar Kumar

Confucius said: “Sanshi er li, Liushi er ershun” (At thirty, I stood up while at sixty, my ear became an obedient organ for the reception of truth). People’s Republic of China is turning 60 today and let us assess how obedient its’ ear is today, or in the coming 60 years, it will continue to propagate itself with the fibbed tantrums and half baked truth with a deaf ear, reluctant to hear naked realities bytes.

60 years ago, on 1st October, Mao Zedong proclaimed from the ramparts of Tiananmen, “Zhongguo renmin zhan qilai le” (Chinese people have stood up) but in reality, Chinese had not stood up till ...view middle of the document...

Today, leave alone talking about any Indian cities, Shanghai has more skyscrapers than New York and London combined together. China towers over India not only in infrastructure, GDP or economic growth but in almost most other human indexes.

In the next 30 years, thanks to its reform and open door policy of 1978-79, China has done wonders on the economic front. It is tipped to become the second largest economy in the whole world by the end of this year leaving Germany and Japan way behind it.

However, all is not well with the country and corruption is one of the biggest headaches for the communist regime because in a recent survey majority of Chinese people ascertained that harlots and prostitutes were more trustworthy than the government officials.

I must mention here that this survey was not made by any adverse foreign media which could have been easily termed by the Beijing authorities as “Spitting venom against China” but by their own Xiaokang (Health) monthly, a sister publication of the bi-monthly Qiu Shi (Seeking Truth) -- the mouthpiece of the central committee of the Chinese Communist Party. Hence, one must take it seriously.

The survey revealed that the five most trustworthy social groups in China in descending order were: Peasants, religious workers, prostitutes, soldiers and students. According to the poll, the five least credible groups in descending order were real estate developers, government secretaries, brokers, performance stars and government directors.

Trust in central government officials has lowered from 60.1% in 2005 to 95.2% this year. Their reliability in local government has lowered from 59% to 70.2% and they accuse the local party officials for not reporting truth but only the distorted version of it to earn promotion and accolades from their senior party leaders. According to the survey, more than 42.12% respondent said they did not believe the central government officers much, 31.17% said they did not believe them at all, 21.72% showed very little trust in them while only 4.98% trusted them completely.

Hence, it is not surprising that when a six year old student was recently interviewed by the Southern Metropolitan Daily reporter about her aspiration after growing older, she naively but blatantly said, “to become an official”. After further being asked of what kind of officer? “A corrupt official because corrupt officials have a lot of things”, she explained. Her interview is still available on Youtube and Youku, which considering the Chinese media censorship, where facebook, twitter, fanfou and sometimes even gmail is blocked, is a surprise for me. Many bloggers further remarked on this interview that “the ugliness of graft, corruption and life has already tainted young Chinese mind”. “Socialism has issued a new version of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, said another posting.

Even the Chinese President, Hu Jintao has openly remarked that that corruption is one of the greatest threats to the...

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