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Health Problems in the United Kingdom and China
Different societies experience different and differing health problems which adversely affect their social and economic welfare to large extents. In the United Kingdom for instance, Coronary heart disease and cancer are the major health hazards that have become an enduring nightmare to the government. China is also facing major problems brought about by escalated prevalence of HIV/AIDS and coronary heart disease. This paper analyses the social and economic effects of HIV and AIDS, coronary heart disease and cancer with specific reference to the United Kingdom and China.
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Research has evidenced that more than two-third of people in the United Kingdom feel there is much stigma regarding HIV. In addition, one in every three people living with HIV has experienced discrimination bases on their HIV status.
Economically, the United Kingdom spends substantial amounts of resources in the treatment and awareness of HIV and AIDS. More and more resources are channelled towards HIV prevention, including a wider access to HIV testing and treatment of people living with HIV. Resources are also spent on counselling, peer-support programs, staff training as well as care services for people who are living with HIV and AIDS in the United Kingdom.
In China on the other hand, HIV/AIDS remains a major threat to the country’s social and economic development. According to the statistics provided by the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AID, an estimated number of 1.7 Chinese were confirmed to have been infected by HIV by 2004(Chan 2009, 154-56). In addition, China was rated as one of the fastest growing HIV epidemics in the world. However, in the recent past, the number of infections has drastically reduced. For instance it is believed that an estimated number of 740, 000 in China are living with the virus today. In the year 2009, the number of people who died of HIV is estimated at 26,000. Comparing this to the annual deaths in China, HIV/AIDS related deaths are very minimal in China.
However, this does not imply that HIV/AIDS has no effects in the Chinese socio-economic life. Death, reduced life expectancy and stigma are obvious social effects brought about by HIV/AIDS not just in the United Kingdom, but China alike. Also, HIV/AIDS has had adverse effects on the Chinese education to large extents. In this regards, the morbidity and mortality of teachers and other education official has greatly increased. This has greatly lowered the quality of education in China.

Economically, HIV/AIDS has cost the Chinese government much money with regards to promoting awareness, preventing and treating it. On annual basis the Chinese government spends many resources in raising the awareness and reducing the spread of the virus. This was escalated further especially after the discover in 2009 that HIV/AIDS epidemic had become China’s leading cause of death among the prevalent infectious diseases, surpassing tuberculosis as well as rabies which have claimed many lives in China. Through the Plan of Action for Restraint and Control of HIV/AIDS in China, the government offers an average of 100 million Yuan on annual basis in the fight against the epidemic (Chan 2009, 163).
In addition, HIV/AIDS has also had adverse effects in the labour force in China. In this regards, the spread of HIV and AIDS has been a major threat to the thriving human resource in the public and private sector .This is attributable to the increased incidences of absenteeism, frequent sick leaves and death of very productive workers...

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