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China Not A Threat To India

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China Not A Threat to India
Last week, I was surfing channels and suddenly came to a halt at a Hindi news channel. It was showing a typically ‘tamasha’ news on why and how China was preparing to attack India in the near future. The channel asked- “What is the intention of the Chinese government and if China attacks India, will India be able to hold China at bay and defend her territory?” What followed in the next half hour was utterly unbelievable and sheer nonsense. All kinds of old visuals from past Chinese military exercises and movie clips based on Sino-India war of 1962 were repeatedly shown in the background. The voice over was typically jingoistic and keep blabbing about fear of ...view middle of the document...

Secondly, India’s relation with China is improving and the fruit of it is the recognition of Sikkim as an integral part of India, which China was reluctant to accept in the past. The joint military exercise with India which was held last year shows that the Chinese mindset that it doesn’t consider India as its enemy.
Thirdly, India is a big market for Chinese goods and India contributes a significant share in China’s economy. Both India and China complement each other economically as China is a major hardware producer while India produces software which are complementary to each other. Both China and India are global powers and do have considerable influence in Asia. So even if China plans to attack India it has to think about the considerable economic price it has to pay at the cost of its national interest.
Fourthly, India is now a global player and if China attacked India, it has to face the wrath of all developing as well as developed nations. China is already facing criticism about the Tibet issue. Tiananmen Square has already brought in lots of negative publicity and the nature of the Chinese government’s secrecy and closeness is under discussion. So by...

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