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China's Birth Control Policy Essay

742 words - 3 pages

Jiangwei Wang
Dr. Werner
WRT 110
10 May 2014
China Open Up Birth Control Policy
Recently years, China’s government has recognized some disadvantages that the One-child Policy resulted, so the government decided to implement a new policy. The one-child Birth Control Policy was established to limit communist China’s population growth. There are both some advantages and disadvantages between China’s old birth control policy and China’s new birth control policy. But generally, it is obvious that the new China birth control policy is adjusted more to modern society than the old China’s birth control policy. The old policy caused some social problems. It restricted economic development. ...view middle of the document...

To deal with an aging population, the government encourages couples to have two children instead of the one-child Birth Control Policy. The New Birth Policy aims at liberating the productive forces.
The One-child Birth Control Policy has been an important problem that restricted economic development. Also, the One-child Birth Control Policy has some economics benefit too. China’s government limits population growth which raised per-capita GDP. Too much surplus labor will increase the social burden and that hinder the economic development. But, the One-child Birth Control Policy resulted in an ageing population. An ageing population causes a change in industrial structure, consumption structure, which affects the economic development of China. The New Policy has some economic benefits. In order to decrease government pressure, China’s government allowed couples to have two children so as to liberate the productive forces, which could create wealth for societies to address their needs and promote economic development. The new policy can bring more productive forces and expand domestic demand which will give a great boost to China’s economic growth.
The new policy could solve some social problems which the One-child Birth Control...

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