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Chinese Cultrure Center In Paris Essay

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Chinese Cultural Center is located in the heart of Paris where is near famous monuments, a small palace across the river, a collection of modeling solemn, beautiful and elegant classical style architecture, the building bears witness to the stage of history in the development and evolution of Paris. Chinese Cultural Center set up to address this, in line with the status of the East accommodating ancient civilizations. Center on November 29 2002, the day held a grand listing ceremony. This address "on the red have to take a look at the" famous Chinese painter Zao Wou-ki and Chu Teh Chun Lianlian Road, the establishment of the Chinese Culture Center.
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Was the artistic taste of the homeowner is evident.
Constitute the entire building from top to bottom four layers, in addition to the bottom and top, floor and second floor is the main part. Inside the spacious, light and spacious rooms connected to each other, not many of the walls of floral, but very elegant, especially the many wooden framed, fine workmanship, called "skills children; paint on a few doors, dark and light may seem rough, but it is a superior product, with the entire building in cultural heritage protection list, because this paint technique may have been lost.

In the 1920's going to Europe was the aspiration of many a patriotic young Chinese. France, a symbol of liberty and freedom, held a particular attraction for young radicals because of its links with Soviet Russia.
On December 1920 a French packet ship, the André Lyon, sailed into Marseilles with 210 Chinese worker-students aboard. Half of them were from the south-western province of Sichuan, and the youngest and shortest of these was a quiet sixteen year old.

Deng Xiaoping blending in to
Parisian life at 16 as a worker
Mr Science and Mr Democracy
It was not long before the new arrivals found that the realities of France in economic recession were far from the imagined ideal. For at least half his stay Deng was regularly on the move seeking work all over the country. For the first three months he enrolled in a secondary school in Bayeux. His priority was to improve his French for, although he had excelled as a student in Chongqing French Preparatory School back home, his French was not adequate for university entrance. He had hoped to be studying 'Mr De' (democracy) and 'Mr Sai' (science), but instead he could only manage part-time study while working to support himself.
His first job was as a fitter at the Le Creusot Iron and Steel Plant in La Garenne-Colombes, a south-western suburb of Paris where he moved in April 1921. Ironically, when Deng xiaoping's later political fortunes were down and he was sent to work in a tractor factory in 1974 he found himself a fitter again, and proved to still be a master of the skill.
It was in La Garenne-Colombes that Deng met Zhou Enlai, already a well known student leader of the 1919 May 4th Movement in Tianjin, and Ye Rongzhen, a Sichuanese worker-student and later one of the marshalls of the PRC. Deng shared a room with 'elder brother' Zhou who was six years his senior and leader of the Socialist Youth League of China in France. Together with Cai Hesen, who in 1918 had co-founded the New People's Study Society in Changsha, and Li Wenhai, later a political commissar of the Red Army during the Long March, Zhou Enlai had founded the league in Montargis. In February 1922 Deng moved there too taking work at Hutchinson's Rubber Factory. He was only in Montargis seven months, then left to go to Chatillon Secondary School in Chatillon-sur-Seine, but was back working in Hutchinson's again in early 1923. However he...

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