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Chinese Essay

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CHINESE ESSAYChinese New Year is the most important festival in the Chinese calendar. Everyone all around the world waits patiently for the Chinese New Year to come, and when it comes it is a thrilling celebration. All Chinese people Clean in readiness for this huge gathering weeks before it even starts; they do this for good luck. They also go out and buy whole chickens, fish and other animals for a good and enjoyable Chinese New Year.In comparison to Christmas, some aspects of Chinese New Year are the same. One of ...view middle of the document...

As there are similarities between Chinese New Year and Christmas, they're as a lot of differences. Unlike most Australian Christmas' Chinese New Year goes for 15 days; in Australia we all joyously celebrate Christmas for only one day. Another difference from Chinese New Year to Christmas is that during Chinese New Year is that when the Chinese give Red Packets it brings them good luck. This tradition is unlike to Christmas, as we give to people not for good luck but for the spirit of giving. During CNY Chinese people burn ornaments out of paper as a gift to their ancestors and their gods. This is a difference to Christmas as we don not burn paper sculptures but make them and hang them up.The last difference is that in the Australian Christmas, we do not have a good luck clolour. In readiness of Chinese New Year, the Chinese people all go out and buy red decoration etc. for good luck during Chinese New Year.In summary, Chinese New Year and Christmas have many similarities and differences, which are all very important to their people and to people who celebrate them.

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