Chinese Presence In Africa Essay

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Nowadays, we live in a world that is converging in a fast-paced as a result of globalization with its active forces—leading to the tremendous rise in global capitalist economy. The demand for energy continue to sky-rocket in this modern world whilst major players in the world today; such as the United States, countries in the European Union and Japan are at alert in the sense that, China, one of the world fastest growing economy has been considered as a new competitor in the competition of securing a long term energy supplies around the globe. As China’s economy is rapidly growing and in other to acquire the needed resources to support its rapid growth, the government have ...view middle of the document...

China-Africa Relation
Firstly, the Chinese government observed and adopted the means of visiting Africa constantly to strengthen their mutual relation with African nations. They send their political official to make significant use of “public diplomacy” coupled with a triennial forum known as “China-Africa Co-operation” (FOCAC) to lure African elites in maintaining a rigid relation with China base on the fact that both the government of the involved African states and Chinese government are all benefiting from the mutual relation build on investment. The year 2009 was the last forum of the China-Africa Co-operation and according to the Africa-Practice report, prepared for Jetro-London, it was stated that President Hu of China, visited a total of seventeen African States within ten months interval in 2007. Not only that, another high-powered political official of the Chinese government –namely, premier Wen Jiabao of the people’s republic of China including with other prominent officials of the Chinese government have all travelled to Africa contributing immensely in solidifying the mutual co-operation and trade relation with African countries. Their safari trip to the continent have had much of a success in the sense that it played an utmost role in deepening the engagement with African States, setting up a solidarity with African governments and looking forward to presenting itself as a worthy “interlocutor between developing countries and the developed West” (Africa-practice report, 2007, p.2). However, there were various discussions on the Chinese African summit in 2006 which acted as the actual platform where the Chinese government laid-out plan for next three succeeding years. In the summit, the Chinese government made various promises to African countries—firstly, they promised to set-up preferential loan package of three billon US dollars ($3 billion) plus another preferential buyer’s credit of two billion ($2 billion) for African nations. Princeton Lyman (N.D)
Nevertheless, among the pledge China made to African countries during the 2006 summit was to double its aid to the continent and the cancellation of all the debts that African countries owned which was due in 2005. Secondly, they also made a promise to set-up another amount of $5 billion specifically for “China-Africa Development Fund” which will enable them to make the provision for “start-up capital” to their industries operating in Africa. In addition, the final promise made by the economic powerhouse in the African Summit of 2006 was to train ten thousand professional, establish 10 centres with the purpose of providing agricultural excellence plus “five trade and economic zones on the continent”, Furthermore, since 2006 after China’s pledge to African countries; they have effectively engaged themselves with contract that at least is as large as they promised during the summit—keeping to its promise, China have committed itself with trade partnership worth billions of...

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