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Chocolate Marketing Essay

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TALLINN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGYSchool of Economics and Business AdministrationDepartment of Business AdministrationBingzheng LiuDani WuHaojun XuLiwen YangLaurène TarantinoMingjun TanYujuan GongFINAL REPORT:Report on topic: "Market research and market plan in Estonia chocolate market"Lecturer: Liisel KaldaTallinn 2014Background:Chocolate ,chocolate is the gift which give to the children lovers and family members for long time ago. With the globalization of the market, chocolate market competition has been fierce,no matter the chocolate from local or international.why the chocolate become the such popular every country? We insist that first because the chocolate has varied kinds of flavor such as black nuts milk,etc. Chocolate can provide ...view middle of the document...

thus we can clear to see that there is a big demand of chocolate around world.Now we turn the view to Estonia, We can find chocolate in every supermarkets and candy shops,different brand different taste show around the storage rack.The competition between each brand is not only about prize also include the quality of raw material, develop new taste,and we find that people focus on shorten the distance between with consumers are becoming the new trend of market development.Introduction:For the reasons above ,we think that chocolate market in Estonia will be a nice topic in our task and we can try to practice the information we learned from the class in chocolate .In this paper ,we will analyze the some details about Estonia chocolate market and use the methods, result,discussion,literature and conclusion to develop more about topic in whole report.Our target group is from age 15 to 45,the total number of the research is 500 peoples from both female and male in Tallinn and we separate two groups for age 15-25 without job and 25-45 with job or has the kid in Tallinn to research .For the part of research question it will be about main channels ,main factors influence consumers to purchase chocolate and also futther what is value of chocolate to consumers and what are the main reasons of people going to buy chocolate and then the we will use the knowledge which we learned such as methodology questionnaire method and random sampling to more develop the research here.on the other side we will have data collection plan to collect market information from all kinds of market research institutions also from media channels like news paper and international and local journals.Finally we will make the final conclusion in the end of this paper.

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