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At first, Brother Leon and the other students are shocked by Jerry's refusal. Eventually, it becomes common knowledge that Jerry's refusal is prompted by a Vigils assignment. Brother Leon, at first outraged, looks forward to the assignment ending, since after ten days, Jerry is supposed to accept the chocolates and begin selling them. After the tenth day, Jerry fully intends to accept the chocolates. When Leon calls his name during the chocolate roll call, however, Jerry blurts out "no." When The Goober asks Jerry why he refused, Jerry does not have an answer. He is rebelling against The Vigils and Brother Leon. Inspired by the poster in his locker that reads: "Do I dare disturb the ...view middle of the document...

He even gets beat up by a gang of kids after football practice.
Finally, all of the chocolates except Jerry's have been sold. Archie wants to get back at Jerry and get something out of all the work he put into the chocolate sale. He schedules a student-only assembly to raffle off the tickets. The raffle is a special one, however, which pits Jerry against school thug Emile Janza. The students who buy raffle tickets get to write on them a boxing move, directing Jerry to hit Janza or vice versa, and where. During the fight, Jerry and Janza are hitting each other as directed. Janza is much stronger, and his punches have much more staying power even though Jerry lands a good hit of his own. Then, a member of The Vigils draws a raffle ticket that tells Janza to hit Jerry in the groin. Jerry blocks the punch, and the warfare begins. Janza decides not to abide by any rules, and punches Jerry over and over. Finally, after Jerry collapses, the lights in the stadium go off. Brother Jacques is there, stopping the ceremony. Brother Leon is also there, and has been from the beginning, watching. He makes sure that Archie is not punished.
Jerry has a broken jaw and possibly some internal injuries. As he is waiting for the ambulance he tells his only friend, The Goober, not to disturb the universe—that it is not worth it. The book ends as Archie displays no remorse for the 

There is no definite answer to this question. Jerry must know that he will end up losing the fight. Emile Janza is one of the strongest guys in school, and he has already succeeded in beating Jerry up. Jerry might want to get back at Janza, but he has to know that chances are that Janza will beat him up again. Jerry is in the situation up to his ears by the time Archie decides to have the assembly, however. He cannot really say no—not if he is trying to stand up for his right to make waves in the universe. To display cowardice at the key moment would be to undermine much of what Jerry has already done and fought for. He relishes the opportunity to somehow get back at Archie, but he knows that the whole episode will last even longer if he does not attend the match. Who knows how many more phone calls or ambushes him would undergo if he refused to attend? Jerry follows through to the end, demonstrating impressive bravery. Facing Janza in the ring he had to be frightened and know that it would take a miracle for him to win the fight or even emerge unscathed. This is Jerry's last chance to disturb the universe and finish what he started.

Jerry's sudden decision not to accept the chocolates when The Vigils assignment is over begins his downward spiral. The action is brave and it comes from within. Jerry did not anticipate refusing the chocolates, he just does. He feels good about himself for a while, and the other students...

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