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Choices Must Be Had Essay

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Choices Must Be Had.I am pro-choice so this paper is going to be from a pro-choice state of mind. I understand pro-life. I can see how it is right and how it would seem like the right thing to do. But, we must take a step back and look at what situations face the women that must make the choice to have the baby or to abort it.I have been called a murderer because of my pro-choice stance.I am 18 years old. There is no way that I could handle a baby. I hope that the day never comes when I have to make the choice of whether or not to have a baby or to have an abortion. ...view middle of the document...

I think having a baby should be a choice made between a couple, and that a baby should be raised in a loving family - even if its not a typical family.The baby still needs to be wanted and not just a problem.Birth control should always be used and abortion should not be a type of birth control, but in life things happen that are beyond our control.I have found that many people who believe that by saying they are pro-choice, they think they are murderers. By saying you are pro-choice you are saying that you believe that people should have choices.I can see all to well how people with pro-life opinions will never get along with people with pro-choice opinions.By taking away someone's option to have an abortion you're taking away a choice.Part of being an American is having choices. How would you like it if someone took away one of your choices in life.Abortion is a major life changing decision. I don't think it should be something taken lightly. But I do believe that if you know someone who has had an abortion, and you look down on them, you need to take a minute and think about it from their situation. No one can ever completely understand someone else's choices because they are not in that situation. Even if you cannot understand abortion.Keep your beliefs. But let us keep our choices. -Marleyne Smith.

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