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Choose Or Lose

The election of 2004 is being talked about all over the country. It is one of the most publicized elections I can remember, and yet I still do not feel that involved. My decision to vote this November depends on how informed I am at the time. I think you need to be an informed voter to be a good voter. Voting for someone you think speaks well or looks good is wrong. What is it that causes so many young voters like me to not vote? A lot of people think it is a lack of concern that causes young people not to go to the voting booth that first Tuesday in November, but I think it's something more. Our government is based on participation and being apathetic ...view middle of the document...

Anyone who votes most likely has a job and is therefore paying taxes. I know that I hate seeing my paycheck cropped because of taxes. Even though I will get most of the money back when my tax refund comes in the mail, it still doesn't help when I have to give a large portion of my check to the government. I am a student and I need the money now. I can't afford to wait 8 months for my tax refund check to come in. Also, Social Security is slowly becoming depleted, yet I still manage to pay a good portion of my check to this social welfare program. Will I have the benefit of Social Security when I am older? Maybe a little, but not much. Also, the government controls spending for education. The more the government gives to schools, the less we have to pay.

One of the major issues of debate in the election is the war in Iraq. People18-24 years old are prime targets if there is ever a need for a draft. This issue alone should be reason enough to vote. Personally, I would rather not get sent to Iraq. But let's say there is no draft. I still have friends in the military. It was their choice to enter the military and they were aware of the chance of going to war, but I do not want my relatives or my friends to get sent to war. I'm sure everyone feels the same way. If I wanted to see changes in these policies there is only one way it could happen, and that is through voting.

Why do youths continue not to vote even though most of us know these obvious facts? The question remains unanswered. I know that I probably won't vote because I think my vote will not affect the outcome of the election. Multiply my thought by 20 million and you have a lot of people not voting. If all of my peers in this age group did vote, the election outcome would change greatly. If you think about it, Florida was decided by only a little over 500 votes. 500 VOTES! That's unbelievable. Even after knowing this, too many people my age continue to feel that their vote doesn't count. What can people do to get rid of this apathy and motivate our youth to vote?

Many organizations are doing as much as they can to get America's young adults to vote. MTV has its "20 Million Loud" campaign, which is trying to promote voting among people ages 18-24. This is a great idea because most of the people who watch MTV fall into this age category. Every time you turn on MTV you are bound to see a commercial for this campaign. Even Sean "P-Diddy" Combs is trying to motivate these non-voters. He is very popular among people my age and his voice should have an impact. He appears on television with the motto "Choose or Lose," which is also part of MTV's campaign, telling people to vote. When I see this ad I laugh because he probably knows nothing about the issues or the candidates. I assume this because of his interviews with people and he can't seem to answer their questions about the election. He only responds with...

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