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Christian Pilgrimage In The Pilgrim’s Progress

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Christian Pilgrimage in The Pilgrim’s Progress

A pilgrimage is a journey that one takes to a land of special significance for self-discovery. Yet in The Pilgrim’s Progress, Christian’s expedition would have been cut short had it not been for those few who decided to aid him along the way. The moment he begins his journey, Evangelist greeted him and directed, then encouraged him towards the Celestial City. As he continued, he met Prudence, Piety and Charity, who provided him with some necessities that he would need for his continued travel. Finally, Christian, along with Hopeful, arrived at to the land of the shepherds. Here, they were both told of “secrets” that would guide them ...view middle of the document...

Thus, Christian set off on his adventure towards the wicket-gate, and then towards the Celestial City. Yet before he could arrive at the gate, he met a man who turned him away from the path that Evangelist had told him to take there. Lost, and confused, Christian encountered Evangelist again. “Art not thou the man that I found crying without the walls of the City of Destruction”? Evangelist wondered how Christian has turned so far from the path that he had sent him on. After Christian explained what had happened, Evangelist denounced his actions, which placed a new fear in Christian that he would not be able to return to the correct path and be allowed to approach the gate. Evangelist explains that although “Thy sin is very great…the man at the gate receive thee, for he has goodwill for men; only, said he, take heed that thou turn not aside again, lest thou perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little”(24). Thus, after reassuring him again, Evangelist lay him on the right trail towards the wicket-gate. Twice, Evangelist had saved him from confusion and bewilderment, and sets him off towards happiness.

Along Christian went and he was on his way towards the Celestial City, he stopped at a house where three women lived: Piety, Prudence, and Charity. At this house, he was sheltered and fed while he spoke to the three women about his adventurous journey. Each one took turns asking Christian questions, to which he replied enthusiastically. In the morning, when he awoke, he sang aloud: “Where am I now? Is this the love and care Of Jesus for the men that pilgrims are…”(48)? Christian wondered if he has been so fortunate because this was the way that Jesus showed his appreciation for crusaders who, like himself, were giving up the comfort of their current situations to find security in their religious beliefs. For this reason, he has encountered people along the way to help him reach his destination. One morning, after staying a few days, the three women took Christian to the top of the hill and shown the beautiful land that lay in front, where he was told, he would find the gates to the Celestial City. Yet before they would send him off, they took him into the armoury “and when they came there, they harnessed him from head to foot with what was of proof, lest, perhaps, he should meet with assaults in the way”(50). Here, Christian was given shields that protected him on his way, and without this, he would have not been able to continue his journey to the Celestial City. These women, as Christian had discovered, were among the few that were placed in his path in order to abet him forth.

Nearing the end of his journey to the gates of the Celestial City, Christian, who is now accompanied by Hopeful, come upon the shepherds of the Delectable Mountains. It is here, from these men, that the two are given advantageous knowledge to guide them in their final phase of travel towards the City. When first seen, the...

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