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Christian Worldview Essay

1793 words - 8 pages

The death penalty in the United States and around the World
Raul Lopez-Rodriguez
Liberty University Online
CJUS 230
Professor: Jeffrey Sexton
July 31, 2013

This document explore the advance and disadvantages of the death penalty in the United
States. The death penalty has been used by many countries including Europe in the early years of
society. In addition, during the years, death penalty has been an option to suppress those who are
not so privilege in society. The death penalty crime in those areas, where the Capital
punishment is permitted those states are in a higher crime rate. The American Civil Liberties
Union has been one of the most important ...view middle of the document...

Those punishments were crucifixion, hanging, and many other ways to terminate
with the individual's lives.
What is death penalty?
The death penalty also known as capital punishment is the sentence for serious crimes. It
can be determined by Congress or any state legislature. The Supreme Court doesn't consider it
as a violation of the Eight amendment and it doesn't need to have a jury trial in capital crimes.
Other word uses for the Capital punishment is Death row and it is based on the part of the jail in
which the inmates are waiting for the death sentence.

What is the cost of death penalty?

Although, the government advises taxpayers that the discontinuation of the death penalty
will hurt them, it is the other way around. The expenses of a death penalty will last longer and
that's why it will be expensive to take care of this process. It is state "a 1982 study showed that
where the death penalty to be introduced in new york, the cost of the capital trial alone would be
more than double the cost of a life term in prison." The cost for a death row is so expensive that
many of the states in the United States had expend about 3.2 million dollars to carry the death
penalty in the state of Florida but all depends on the on the crime degree. This money expend on
many death rows in the state of Florida could have been use in support of equipment, sources,
personnel to support security in all the United States.

Does death penalty prevent crimes?

Through this death-penalty states as a group do not have lower rates of criminal homicide
than non-death- penalty states. Use of the death penalty in a given state may actually increase the
subsequent rate of criminal homicide" (ACLU, 2012). There is evidence, which it shows the
capital punishment as less effective then imprisonment. States that are under the influence of the
death penalty will not show improvement in lowering crime's rates. This article states that
"Between 2000-2010, the murder rate in states with capital punishment was 25-46% higher than
states without the death penalty. The death penalty doesn't even change those individuals who
are in death row, many of those commit worse crimes just because they are going to end their
lives. The only one which can change their hearts is God through the power of the Holy Spirit.

What are the arguments which backup the viewpoint against the death penalty?

The American Civil Liberties Union presents in this document the variety of
fundamentals that back-up their thoughts against the capital punishment in the United States.
Their concerns point out three areas, which are the great concern against citizen's rights. The
following statements are as follows:

1. This first argument points out the unfairness of the death penalty system. The ACLU
explains in this document the way the minorities, the person's wealth, the attorneys that defend
them, and their...

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