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Christmas My family has always raised me that Christmas is not just about gifts but giving and family too. When I was in fourth grade I usually got off the bus around 3:30 but on this particular day I got home at 3:15. I remember walking to the front door because I didn't have boots on and the snow was piled almost up to my mid thigh so I couldn't walk on the walkway as I usually did to go in the usual side door. As the door opened I scent of gingerbread cookies and pine from the Christmas tree entered my nose, holding me there for ...view middle of the document...

She turned to smile at me and I noticed that she had flour, the color of snow, on her rosy cheeks. That was my mom always cooking during the holiday. On the kitchen table my brothers were wrapping Christmas presents for family and their girlfriends. The crinkling and cutting of the paper noise made me realize that Christmas was nearing heard a noise and realized it was the Christmas carols that my dad loved. I knew that if I heard Christmas carols my dad couldn't be far. I looked in the kitchen and he wasn't there but when I turned left and entered the living room I saw him standing back and admiring the tree. We had just finished decorating it the night before. The only thing missing was the start. Over came running my niece and jumping up into his arms. "Can I put the angel on the tree grampy," she asked. His face lit up with joy and a huge smile that went from side to side. I knew he couldn't say no to her. We all stood back and looked at it even my mom stopped cooking and my brothers stopped wrapping, finally the tree was complete and the angel on the treetop. I think that year our family had the most amazing tree, not because it was tall and fat with tinsel and garland that was reflected from the lights but because our family decorated it from top to bottom.

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