Chronic And Infectious Diseases Essay

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Chronic and Infectious Diseases Paper
Chronic and infectious diseases can be detrimental to a person’s health and life. Becoming educated and understanding the reasoning behind chronic and infectious diseases and how to prevent them from occurring can save a person’s life. This paper will first explore chronic illnesses and its characteristics. This paper will also focus on the importance of nutrition and physical activity and the effects they have on cardiovascular disease and the immune system. Last, this paper will focus on the importance of awareness and education as it relates to the health environment and chronic illnesses.
Characteristics of Chronic Illness
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Effects of Chronic and Infectious Diseases on the Immune System
Chronic and infectious diseases can cause major damage to a person’s body. Chronic and infectious diseases can begin to affect one part of the body and in turn may also affect other parts as well. For example, hypertension can cause damage to the lining of arteries, therefore, increasing the risk of chronic heart disease and stroke (Powers & Dodd, 2009). A person with a chronic and infectious disease may have a weakened immune system. If the organs are working toward fighting off a particular infection, any other viruses or infections could easily enter the body and cause major damage.
How Exercise Affects the Body’s Immune System
Regular physical exercise is important to promoting good health and wellness (Powers & Dodd, 2009). Exercise can help to maintain a healthy body, strengthening organs imperative to fighting off infections, viruses, and diseases. For example, exercise can strengthen the heart and significantly reduce the risk of developing chronic heart disease. Exercise can also reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, and obesity. Regular physical activity can help the body overall, promoting a healthy blood flow that will strengthen blood cells and needed organs such as the brain, heart, liver, and kidneys, and therefore, providing immunity to the body from viruses and diseases that the body could easily acquire without regular exercise.
Consumer Awareness and Involvement in the Health Environment
Consumer awareness and involvement in the health environment is important to obtaining wellness and good health. Obtaining...

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