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Chronic Disease Essay

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Community South Medical Center
Jacqueline Arnold
HCA 340
Instructor: Lilia Chavarria
May 4, 2015

In this paper, being the CEO of the Community South Medical Center, I feel like the
strategic mission should be revised. The Community South Medical Center is located in an older
urban area, with other businesses, and is growing to be a predominately elder population. The
compliance of the T.J.C. standards has been declining. In the center, there are new programs that
the staff is supporting, and the staff of physicians is in abundant supply. There is things like the
clinic staff shortage, there is ...view middle of the document...

The next goal as
the CEO, is to consider to advertise in newspapers, on television, and Professional journals, and
private recruitment about the retainment of new talent, and to recruit and hire. By having new
talent it would bring new ideas and innovations to the plate. This would be a positive external
input for the medical center and the community.

As the CEO, I would implement the preliminary reviews and analysis of the candidates,
based on their applications, and check their references, and their past employment history, and
how the past employer thought about the candidate. With the candidate, I would use several
factors in narrowing down the candidates that best fits the position, these factors are: the type of
training they have had, the experience, and the kind of motivation they give, and their attitude. I
would make sure that when the candidates is selected, and interviewed that they would be
verified of all the requirements for the compability with the organization, and also, with the staff
(Buschbinder, 2011).
As CEO, I would go into the strategic planning process, where we formulate the
company’s strategy, by communicating down the organization for implementation. Since there
will be an influx of the elderly population in the area, new strategy goals should be implemented.
One of the goals would be creating a transition department for the medical center and the
community. The development and the implement challenges, along with the needs of the elderly
population, and by improving awareness for them is another goal.
The SWOT analysis would be one the strategies that would be used. As I mentioned
earlier, the strength of the Community South Medical Center would be the expansion of jobs,
due to the shortages of the clinic. The weakness of staff and community may lack the knowledge
of the challenges of the elderly, this involves meeting the health care needs of the elderly
population. Most of the older people are in pretty good health and eighty percent of the ones over
sixty-five, have one or more chronic health problems. By having a shortage in the clinical staff,
this makes patients having to wait longer to be seen (ispub, 2012). The community could make
it by having leadership in place implementing positive changes.
To ease the elderly moving into the population, the medical center and by teamwork,

which includes the community and the elderly could work together. By planning ahead allows
them more choices and this improves their levels on independence, and their quality of life
(helpguide, 2012). The effective care for elderly patients requires the accurate assessment of
health status. The factors that may influence their health status is the physical, psychological,
social and behavioral and the health system.
There is the functional health status which includes: the...

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