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Chronological Timeline Of The History Of Art

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Prehistoric Art
20 000-8 000 BC.

Figure 1: Homem Paleolítico, Venus of Willendorf (Limestone), 30 000-25 000 BC, Prehistoric art, Naturhistorisches Museum, Austria, (Adendorff, 2008:8)

Egyptian Art
8 000-2 000 BC.

Figure 2: A page from The Book of the dead made for Nes-min, Papyrus of Ani (Papyrus), 2 600 BC, Egyptian art, London, (Adendorff, 2008:15)

Byzantine Art
5th Century AD. to 1453

Figure 3: Christ Pantokrator, Central Dome, Church of the Dormition (mosaic), 1090-1100, Byzantine Art, Greece, (Adendorff, 2008:25)

Middle Ages

Figure 4: Unknown, St. Matthew, from the Gospel Book of Archbishop Ebbo of Reims, 826-835, Middle ages, (Adendorff, 2008:31)

Roman Art
500 BC – 300 AD

Figure 5: Unknown, Emperor Augustus (white marble), 1st Century, Roman art, Rome, (Von Heintze, 1990:143)

12th to 17th Centuries

Figure 6: Sandro Botticelli, The Birth of Venus ...view middle of the document...

Petersburg, (Adendorff, 2009:83)

19th Century

Figure 13: Pablo Picasso, Girl before a Mirror (oil on canvas), 1937, Cubism, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, (Schmalenbach, 1990:203)


Figure 14: Marcel Duchamp, L.H.O.O.Q. (mixed media), 1919, Dadaism, (Adendorff, 2010:7)


Figure 15: Salvador Dali, The Persistence of Memory (oil on canvas), 1931, Surrealism, Museum of Modern Art, New York, (Adendorff, 2010:19)

Abstract Expressionism

Figure 16: Willem de Kooning, Woman 1 (oil on canvas), 1950-1952, Abstract Expressionism, Museum of Modern Art, New York, (Adendorff, 2010:28)

Pop Art

Figure 17: Ray Johnson, James Dean (collage on cardboard panel), 1975, Pop art, (Livingstone, 1990:14)

Conceptual Art

Figure 18: Yves Klein, Anthropomėtries de l’epoque bleue Ant 82 (pigment in pure synthetic resin on paper mounted on canvas), 1960, Conceptual art, (Adendorff, 2010:69)


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