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Chrysanthemums Essay

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Chrysanthemums are the flowers which are cultivated foremost in China since 2500 years. The flower was introduced in Europe around 17th century. It was claimed by Japanese that the flower may have been brought to Japan around 8th century. The exact details of the origin of Chrysanthemums are still vivid. At present there are 13 different blooms of chrysanthemum.
Initially most of the Chrysanthemums available were in yellow color. Pink and Purple colored Chrysanthemums were available very rarely. Now we have a numerous varieties of Chrysanthemums available most of which are developed by Japanese. The Chrysanthemums first entered the flower exhibition in 1795 which was held at England. ...view middle of the document...

In that time, chrysanthemums were t just garden treated as plants for garden and decoration. But by the middle of 19th century, they have become popular. The Japan’s influence on North America continued for many years.
The word chrysanthemum originated from Greek language in which the word chrysos means Gold and anthos means flower. Thus the name chrysanthemum means Golden flower which depicts its original glance. Chrysanthemums are also popularly known as Chrysanths or mums belong to the family of constant flowering plant group Asteraceae. Initially the botanical name of Chrysanthemum was Chrysanthemum indicum later it was changed to species Chrysanthemum. Major yield of Chrysanthemums are in Asia, Europe and South Africa. These are perennial flowers as these are available throughout the year irrespective of seasons. These elegant flowers last long and can last for two weeks if taken care of properly. Chrysanthemums are famous as decorative flowers in festival seasons and are used to improve all kinds of atmosphere. Chrysanthemums are the flowers which are obligatory in a list of florist. There is no event which can look great without decorating with these colorful flowers. These are good looking and added advantage when...

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