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Cigarette advertising restrictions do not have and intended effect, and despite that in many societies there is an increase in cigarette consumption. Only who is affected with those restrictions are the cigarette companies which are in danger of becoming a form of commercial censorship. However, I do not want to claim against consumer protection laws against false or misleading advertising claims. The end result of cigarette advertising restrictions and any other legal products leads to a limited choice, block of free flow of information, emasculate competition and canceling its benefits. Besides this it also penalizes the advertising media by starving them of revenue, and restrains ...view middle of the document...

Maybe the times changed, the cigarettes changed, but the immunity of ones organism depends from one person to another and how it will affect somebody will vary among the society. It is a pleasure and risk just as getting on roller coaster, running too fast by the dangerous street, stealing vegetables from the neighbor since u might get a gun shot if they catch you, and many other human activities that are practiced in everyday life. If we want to talk about how many people one cigarette company killed, then we can also discuss such issues as Bush’s attacks on innocent people and captives in Cuba, not to mention the permission to CIA for killing anybody they found menace to society. I will not go into political discussions whatsoever, I will only discuss under seven major headings about cigarette add restrictions, their harmful side-products, and the unfounded allegation against cigarette advertising.

1. Cigarette advertising has no significant effect on total consumption.

Advertising is not aimed in increasing the total consumption. It is designed to influence brand preference and to help customers to choose a particular brand among many others. These advertisings are not encouraging people to smoke more cigarettes, but to smoke their cigarettes instead of other brands. Those who oppose smoking and advertising are non smokers use only arguments on the claim that these advertisings increase the total number of consumers. But would really a person after seeing add about Davidoff go and buy those cigarettes, especially if they don’t smoke at all? Of course not, because people are not so easily influenced when it comes to their health and freedom of choice, which they certainly have. One of the most statistical studies on this subject was carried out by the Metro Consulting Group on the United Kingdom Market, which was studied from 1962 till 1969, and was broadly accepted among UK Department of Health and Social Security. It concluded that no evidence has been found of a significant association between total level of media advertising and total cigarettes sales. Professor Reinhold Bergler who was the head of the Institute of Psychology published his book “Advertising and Cigarette Smoking” in 1981, and in this book he examines two studies representing empirical evidence.
The first study is conducted by J.L. Hamilton in 1975, who examines the effects of bans on broadcast advertising in 10 industrialized countries outside the iron curtain. According to his foundlings, the bans on advertising proved ineffective, and the theory about positive correlation between the volume of advertising and the volume of cigarette consumption is false.
The second study is conducted by Eugene Levitt in 1977, the Director of Psychology at the Indiana University Medical School. He considered the results of media bans in 6 countries of the same category as those covered by Hamilton. The conclusion on this study is that imposing a ban on cigarette advertising...

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