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Cis 170 Lab 3 Essay

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Student Lab Activity

A. Lab # CIS CIS170C-A3

B. Lab 3 of 7: Looping

C. Lab Overview – Scenario/Summary

You will code, build, and execute a program that will use looping to determine the score for a diver based on individual judge’s scores.

Learning outcomes:

1. Become familiar with the different types of looping structures.
2. Be able to debug a program of syntax and logic errors.
3. Be able to use the debug step-into feature to step through the logic of the program and to see how the variables change values.

D. Deliverables

Section | Deliverable | Points |
Lab 3 | Step 6: Program Listing and Output | 45 |

E. Lab Steps

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 A nested loop is when one loop is completely contained in another loop. In an inner loop, you will read the five scores one at a time. Every time you read the score (in the loop), you will compare the score to the highest so far and also to the lowest so far so you can determine the highest and lowest scores, in addition to adding the scores up one at a time.You also need to have your program process multiple divers. Put this in an outer loop. After you process the information for one diver, prompt the user if she/he wants to process another diver. Allow the user to type either a “Y” or “y” to enter another diver's information; otherwise, exit the loop. Write an event summary by calculating and displaying the average score for all divers and the total number of divers participating.Garbage in Garbage Out (GIGO): The data being entered by the user needs to be validated. Scores by judges may range between 0 and 10. If the user enters an invalid score, display an error message, and prompt for the score again. Keep doing this until the user enters the score correctly. The degree of difficulty may range from 1.00 to 1.67.  Sample output from program Report to the mediaEvent: Diving competitionEnter the diver's name: Sue JonesEnter the diver's city: DallasEnter the score given by judge #1: 45Invalid score - Please reenter (Valid Range: 0 - 10)Enter the score given by judge #1: 3Enter the score given by judge #2: 4.5Enter the score given by judge #3: 6.7Enter the score given by judge #4: 89Invalid score - Please reenter (Valid Range: 0 - 10)Enter the score given by judge #4: 8Enter the score given by judge #5: 9.2What was the degree of difficulty? 1.9Invalid degree of difficulty - Please reenter (Valid Range: 1 - 1.67)What was the degree of difficulty? 2Invalid degree of difficulty - Please reenter (Valid Range: 1 - 1.67)What was the degree of difficulty? 1.2Diver: Sue Jones, City: DallasOverall score was 7.68Do you want to process another diver (Y/N)? yEnter the diver's name: Dave SmithEnter the diver's city: HoustonEnter the score given by judge #1: 5.7Enter the score given by judge #2: 6.8Enter...

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