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Cisco System Uses Its Culture For Competitive Advantage

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Ned’s Hermann’s Brains Quadrants Theory of G. Gnanalingam.
Known as one of the influential marketing whiz of Malaysia, Tan Sri Datuk G. Gnanalingam started from a humble beginning. A decedent of Sri Lankan Tamil ancestry, he was born in Singapore and grew up in Port Dickson . Getting his early education from Royal Military College, he continued to further his studies in University Malaya and Harvard Business School, Boston. With a strong education background, he started his career in British American Tobacco. After years in the company, he was appointed into becoming the Marketing Director in an early age of 34. He continued expanding his potential as he established his own consulting firm ...view middle of the document...

He wanted to give the company to his son and it shows that his judgment represents the thinking process of quadrant C. His actions also can be seen as humanistic when he contribute medical expenses for the native people of Pulau Indah. His actions to deploy corporate social responsibility event portrays his humanistic values. As he being the leader of the organization, he sets up a bottom line of Profit, Passion and Compassion. He takes attention to both his employees and the public thus representing his character of humanistic.
His thinking skill can also be categorized mostly in Quadrant D. His family consisting of 4 members including him has different opinion in terms of spiritual belief. He himself is a Hindu, his wife a Buddhist, his daughter marrying a Christian and his son a Muslim. He holds to the fact that there is a much more superior being than human and that eventually shows how his thinking skills works in terms of spiritual reaction. Being spiritual puts him in the category of quadrant D. His vision for the upcoming future can also be seen in the success of Westport. He created a ‘garden port concept’, a concept in which the port is public friendly making it the only port in the world to execute such concept. He innovates the port system thus showing his region of creative thinking skills being active in the right hemisphere of the brain. In the early years, the location of the company was simply from a swampy island turned into being the leading container terminal operator in Port Klang today. His long term vision of creating an establishment from scratch shows his thinking ability of being visionary.
Being the founder of Westport...

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