Cisco Systems Selects Everywhere Wireless For Internet Connectivity At The Internet Of Things World Forum

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Cisco Systems Selects Everywhere Wireless for Internet Connectivity at the Internet of Things World Forum

1888 PressRelease - While the City of Chicago was selected for Cisco's Host City for the 2014 Internet of Things World Forum, Everywhere Wireless was engaged by Cisco to provide Internet connectivity to power the Forum and Wi-Fi infrastructure, which will be installed at the intersection of Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive, where the Smart City Walking Tour will be held.

Chicago, IL - The City of Chicago will host the Internet of Things World Forum next week, in a further attempt to promote and "make Chicago one of the most connected cities in the world" commented by Rahm Emanuel, the City's current Mayor. Everywhere Wireless was selected by Cisco Systems to provide Internet connectivity to the Forum and a physical Wi-Fi infrastructure near Lake Street and Michigan Avenue in Chicago. The IOT will ...view middle of the document...

As part of the IOT World Forum, Cisco plans to install and offer a Smart City Walking Tour, which will consist of multiple interactive points along Michigan Avenue where Wacker Drive converges, each connected to Everywhere Wireless' Gigabit Plus Internet Network. The Smart City Walking Tour will show visually and experientially how the future of technology will change the way in which cities operate and interact with their residents and guests. According the IOT Forum's website, The University of Chicago has led the way as a test bed for environmental monitoring. In this case, sensor nodes will be positioned along the walking tour, where they will collect data on the surrounding environment, including pedestrian traffic, weather, pollution and noise, which will then be transmitted over the Cisco infrastructure and analyzed by the University. Other benefits of this connectedness will be to reduce traffic jams, offer quicker restoration of city-managed networks, improve public security and better police response times, facilitate more automated lighting control, along with improve trash compactor efficiency and bus and rail operating times. It's about connecting the physical world to the digital age - and Chicago appears to be leading the way with the IOT World Forum.

Everywhere Wireless is the same company who partnered with the City of Chicago to deliver Wi-Fi to many of Chicago's beaches and parks, and most recently, set a Chicago record for the fastest Internet in all of Chicago, as reported by Crain's Chicago Business last week. Everywhere Wireless owns, manages, and controls a Chicago-based Gigabit Internet Network, designed primarily for apartment and condominium communities within Chicago. EW's network offers a 99.9% guaranteed uptime with speeds of more than 1,000 Megabits per second, also known as Gigabit speeds. More information about Everywhere Wireless can be found or by calling (866) 923-0982.


Everywhere Wireless
832 West Superior Street
Chicago, IL 60642
Phone: 866-923-0982
Fax: 312-488-3604


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