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Ciso System Essay

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The Company I have selected for the organizational behavior and communication paper will be Cisco Systems. This company I have directly purchased a great product of theirs. In this paper, it will evaluate the organization's philosophy, mission, and vision and or value statements. Further, it will explore the organization culture and how their communication process presently works. The paper will attempt to see if the organization follows what it states and does regard its organizational behavior. Further research will try to discover any present conflict within their organization communication system.
Cisco is a provider in the IT communication networking systems. Communication ...view middle of the document...

It is apparent Cisco Industry are mainly educated employees because of by the products and services they offer for sale. Collaboration, informal, and customer service seems to remain the effective way this organization culture has formed. Apparently it seems to be working because Cisco Inc. is a very successful organization.
Describe the role communication plays in perception and organizational culture. The key to this statement is to be successful in any workplace or management policies requires the organization to achieve the effective communication that can get a desired outcome producing position results for the survival of that organization. Some approaches in organizational communication are known as employees to management (bottom-up communication) and or management to employees (top-down communication).
Any misalignment between the espoused values and enacted values will affect perception within the organization. Communication is the way an organization directly aligns the culture of the workers. Misalignment of values will have individuals use their perceptions to represent the organization. This perception may not be what the organization wants to project to its clientele.4
Conflict in the group communication in three major points of view, traditional view, the human relation view and the interaction view. Dysfunctional groups can occur when the following happens; with poor communication, lack of member trust, and failure of management. This situation of group conflict this is known as the traditional approach. Many believe a conflict is a nature part of being in a group. Individuals will always have a difference of points of views. This group situation this is known as the human relation view. When conflict occurs, and all members view it as positive ideas conflict is encouraged. Creative thinking is an awesome brainstorming way...

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